Columbia Mall Shooting, Three Confirmed Dead


A shooter has run amok in a Columbia mall as confirmed by the Maryland-Howard County Police Department. Three people have been found dead and several other injuries are being reported.  The exact nature of the shooter and motive are not known yet. However, the early morning shooting has again left dent in the minds of the citizens of the country questioning the repeated events of shooting that is being reported.

The mall situated at the center of the town which is a suburban area connected to both Baltimore and Washington. The shooting in the mall started near the mall’s Sears store, which is right next to a food court. This news was confirmed by an unidentified employee of Rafet’s Hairmasters, a saloon inside the mall.

One among the dead was reportedly found near a gun and ammunition but is yet to be ascertained why the weapons were found with the victim. The possibility that the victim could be a shooter was partially confirmed and the lookout for the any other shooter is underway.

The total number of people hurt in the milieu is yet to be ascertained.  The initial number of dead has been confirmed at three.  The people in the surrounding areas have been alerted to avoid trespassing in the areas near the Columbia mall. Twitter is being extensively used by the officials in the alert and rescue operation with respect to the shooting as per unconfirmed reports.

As per initial images from Twitter feeds, it could be seen that many customers have reportedly locked themselves inside the stores of the Columbia mall to save them from any assault by the suspected shooter. They were advised to stay inside until the shooting situation could be bought back to control.

Police officials have already rushed to the area in to take stock of the situation and quickly cordoned off the area to avoid further escalation of the standoff. The county fire department is also assisting the Police department in controlling the situation. Currently the situation is said to be under secure operation , however the alert is still maintained with instructions for civilians to stay down and away till full control is taken.

Other reports are suggesting the presence of K9 units in the mall in search of the shooter. The police have confirmed that the first call in at 11:15 a.m and are on a look out for any other shooters in the mall apart from the one already being looked into.  Latest reports are also pointing at the possibility of the shooter being hurt and struggling to keep up pace with the approaching police officials.

The repeated incidents of shooting is surely leaving the citizens and concerned about their safety. More and more incidents like this has to be either controlled by greater gun control laws otherwise the rush to acquire weapons will only double for self-defense. Such uncontrolled purchase will eventually result in a situation where any untoward will lead to total anarchy and gun-trotting-trigger-happy people will upset the balance of the society.

The Columbia shooting with three people already confirmed dead is an apt example of where the country is heading and what it is to face in the future.

By Daris Abraham

Baltimore Sun

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