Cory Monteith Death Will Be Addressed in Glee

Cory MonteithGlee has already addressed the loss of Cory Monteith’s death, but it will be in a more prominent way during the 100th episode. The majority of the original cast will return for the landmark episode along with Gwyneth Paltrow.

The director of the episode, Paris Barclay, explained that it isn’t possible to continue the show without mentioning the death of Monteith. He was a very important member of the cast and the other actors have taken it hard, especially his off-screen and on-screen girlfriend Lea Michele.

The show’s co-creator already shared that the ending of the entire show would be Monteith and Michele. It was an ending that had been planned from the very beginning, and something Ryan Murphy always looked at for comfort. He explained that Michele’s character, Rachel, would return to Ohio and walk into the glee club which would be taught by Monteith’s Finn. When Finn asked what Rachel was doing there she would simply state “I’m home.” With a fade out, that would be the end.

He stated that the end of the show would be next year. Since Monteith’s death in July 2013, the co-creator has had to rethink the ending entirely. The writers got together for a memorial episode in October, called The Quarterback. It was not enough for many fans or the cast and crew, which is why the 100th episode of Glee will address Monteith’s death further.

Back in December Murphy announced that he had invited all the original cast members back for the centenary episode. At the time of the announcement four cast members were confirmed: Amber Riley, Harry Shum Jr., Mark Sailing and Heather Morris. Since then, Michele, Dianna Agron and many more have confirmed, although not everybody yet.

Agron was notably missing during the memorial episode, leading to rumors on the internet. She struck back stating that it was not out of intent. She has “nothing but love for…everybody involved” in the show.

Barclay is particularly looking forward to the involvement of Paltrow and Kristin Chenworth in the 100th  anniversary episode. He stated that they are “hysterical together” and have great chemistry. It may help to take some of the heartache from the episode in small bites since the two have a lot of scenes together.

Monteith died in July 2013 after a dangerous concoction of alcohol and heroin. He was found in his Canadian hotel room after a night of partying. He had just completed a stint in rehab to try to take control over his addiction. He started smoking pot at the age of 13, after acting out from the age of seven due to his parents divorce.

His father made a statement shortly after his death explaining that the 31-year-old was involved deeper in drugs than anybody ever realized. He was never a stereotypical drug addict, where he would act out and cause pain. The death hit all his friends and family members hard. Addressing Monteith’s death in the 100th episode of Glee is the best way for the stars to show their pain and how they are coping.

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