Crime Fits the Time


The crime committed does not fit the punishment time regarding the recent gun laws. It is difficult to keep up with the restrictions and people are being penalized for crimes they do not know they have been committing in the first place. Everyone wants to be safe and secure. Everyone wants their rights to be protected citizens that own guns may be responsible and abide by the law. The constitution was created in order to prevent the government from controlling and restricting the liberties of the people. Placing new restrictions on firearms not only violates the second amendment, but also confuses gun owners or people who want to purchase their own firearms, which may get them in trouble later down the road for possessing the wrong kinds of guns or accessories.

It is unsure how the people will react if this goes on any further. Some people agree that limits should be placed on gun dealers and owners. Some people believe there should be no restrictions, crime or no crime, it is a constitutional right. When the prohibition of liquor was in place, people were acting out. Violent wars on the streets, organized crime, and people purposely rebelling against the criminal justice system. Today, the war on drugs is imposing the same results. The war on drugs may motivate the drug crimes which makes them more active. It may end up the same way with the constant infringement on the gun rights. Restrictions on firearms will only make them more expensive and make it so the black market can profit from this situation. Criminals will get guns and law-abiding people will hand them in and then become defenseless.

Although some may be anti-gun, the point is that the people have the right to own one. The police cannot be in the homes of citizens until after a crime has been committed. People with a firearm most likely feel secure at home because anyone thinking about committing a crime may think twice knowing that person may have a firearm. This will prevent the crime before it starts. People without a firearm are setting themselves up to be the victim of a crime against someone who has a gun. That person will be no threat to a gunman. It is not the gun causing the crime, but the criminal. A woman of eight-five could protect herself from a criminal if she was carrying. Think if this woman was facing a criminal without one.

The crime committed in many cases regarding the new gun laws do not fit the time handed to the one committing the crime. Veteran Nathan Haddad of New York was stopped by police and arrested from possessing five empty thirty round AR-15 magazines. Although he did not know they were illegal and did not have the gun or ammunition, he was charged with five felonies. In New York a magazine that can hold ten or more rounds is illegal. Successful businessman Mark Witaschek of Washington DC had received two years for possessing unregistered ammunition and one brass spent shell. In Washington DC it is illegal to possess ammo and spent shells and casings that are not registered.

Many state sentences can range from one to five years imprisonment for not having your gun, ammunition, or magazines registered properly. Then there is the act of sexual assault which can be seen by many a more serious crime. In California and New York, the sentencing could range from twenty-four to forty-eight months. In some states, voluntary manslaughter sentencing can range from three to eleven years imprisonment. Child abuse sentences only reach up to five years imprisonment. The crime obviously can be debated whether or not it fits the time.

Opinion by Brittany Varner-Miller

Washington times
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