David Cassidy Arrested for Drunk Driving Again

David CassidyDavid Cassidy, the heartthrob of the 70s, has been arrested for drunk driving again. This is the third arrest for DUI that the singer has faced since 2010.

Police announced that Cassidy was originally pulled over for making an illegal turn. When they reached the car, they could smell alcohol and made the decision to ask him to take a breathalyzer test. He was more than twice over the limit with a reading of .19 and arrested on the spot.

He was released on bail at the amount of $15,000 on Saturday morning once he was sober. His court appearance will be on February 5 and TMZ suspects he will face jail time for this third offense.

Cassidy has been arrested twice before on the exact same charge. The first time was in 2010, where he was sentenced to a six-month driving ban. The second was last year when he was arrested in New York with a reading of .10. The court case for the second offense is still ongoing as his lawyers attempt to come to a plea deal. He did agree to go to rehab, which has had completed successfully.

The reason for drinking again is unknown, but it is unfortunate that it led to Cassidy’s arrest for drunk driving. His publicist, Jo-Ann Geffen, could only share that the 63-year-old was appearing at depositions in Los Angeles, which are against Sony Pictures Television. The lawsuit was filed in 2011 by Cassidy as he believes money is owed to him for the merchandise from Partridge Family. Geffen offers the possibility that the relapse came after the pressure from the depositions of himself and his manager.

At the time of the arrest, Cassidy was driving back to the airport so he could return to Florida where he would be going back into transitional rehabilitation. However, in light of the arrest, he will be returned back into full rehab at an undisclosed location.

Cassidy appeared on Partridge Family between 1970 and 1974, where he played the character Keith Partridge. His break came a year before the show when he performed in the only four performances of The Fig Leaves Are Falling. He was spotted by a casting director and moved to Los Angeles soon after that.

The Partridge Family recorded 10 albums during the show’s run. Cassidy also had five solo albums during that time. Afterwards, he went onto become an international recording artist and was an idol to many teens around the world. The term “Cassidymania” was developed due to the hysteria surrounding his concerts. He is best known for songs such as I Think I Love You and Daydreamer.

Both Cassidy’s children are in a similar line of work. His daughter, Katie Cassidy, is an actress and has appeared in shows such as Supernatural and Gossip Girl. His son, Beau, is attempting to break into the music business.

Cassidy will remain in rehab while he waits to hear the decision over his arrest for drunk driving again. There is no word of whether his family is standing by him.

By Alexandria Ingham



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