Denver Broncos Experience Provide Edge in Super Bowl Over Best NFL Defense

Denver BroncosManning’s experience may provide the Denver Broncos the edge over the National Football League’s number one defense, the Seattle Seahawks, in this year’s Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLVIII is a showdown between the NFL’s number one offensive and defensive teams, leaving little margin for advantages. That being said, the Denver Broncos have four players, including Peyton Manning, that have Super Bowl experience, while the Seahawks have not a single player having appeared in one.

Some of you may be questioning the real value and significance of Super Bowl experience to players who have spent countless hours playing football, and training in preparation. The Super Bowl is not just a game with halftime spectacles and funny commercials, it is two intense weeks of media hype, logistics, game-planning and interviews. We already saw Seattle’s cornerback Richard Sherman’s outburst following their victory over the San Francisco 49ers, in the National Football Conference championship game, and how much attention it has drawn. Football is a game of inches, and distractions can be lethal to a young team like the Seahawks, a mistake that can leave them unprepared.

The Denver quarterback Peyton Manning, and wide receiver Wes Welker, have both participated in two Super Bowls, along with tight end Jacob Tamme who has played in one. Defensively the Denver Broncos have cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie who has also played in a Super Bowl game. The Bronco’s head coach John Fox led the Carolina Panthers to a Super Bowl in 2003, while John Elway, vice president of football operations, started as quarterback for Denver in five Super Bowl appearances; winning his last two trips.

Indeed, the Broncos appear to have some edge, over the leagues best defensive team, during their first Super Bowl appearance in 15 years. Manning, an already four time MVP,(Most Valuable Player) will most likely receiving his fifth , after breaking the touchdown pass record, completing 51 of them during the regular season. Manning, has experience throwing the ball in the end zone, but they are other factors that go into a game.

Denver coach John Fox arranged for the Broncos to have Tuesday and Wednesday off, so all off-the-field matters are finished before bringing the team in Thursday for its first Super Bowl practice. This is a veteran move by a coach who has been in this position before, having knowledge of what issues can be fatal to a team at this time of year.

Not much can be said in the media about the Seattle Seahawks, who many still believe can beat the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. Media attention has been mostly on Sherman’s ranting, and the fact that their star running back, Marshawn Lynch, missed practice Thursday to recover from the NFC championship game.

The Broncos’ experience may provide their team the edge over the Seattle Seahawks number one defense, in this Super Bowl, but we have heard it before. Defenses win championships, not offenses, Peyton Manning, and the Denver Broncos, will have to pass and run the ball to perfection, against the NFL’s number one pass and rush defense, the Seattle Seahawks.

By  Zane Foley

The Denver Post


Bleacher Report


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