Cannabis and Chocolate in Denver Shops


Cannabis and chocolate are making a profitable combination in Denver shops. How would you like your order of pot today: bitter or sweet? That is the question of the day from cannabis shop employees. There is no need to rush if you can’t decide. There is plenty to go around with official cannabis legalization in effect statewide since New Year’s Day.

Some are being cautious not to give away too much to any one customer. Robin Hackett is co-owner of Botana Care, located in a Denver suburb. She prepared for an estimated 1,000 customers. According to The Telegraph, the 51-year-old had around 50 pounds of cannabis product on hand, including rolled joints, buds, or some of the baked goods that have become instantly popular to the uninitiated wanting to try marijuana without the smoke. In order to avoid a supply shortage, the shop began by limiting purchases to  one quarter-ounce per purchase.

Many a sweet tooth will be forever aching with the abundant supply of pastries and goodies that weed stores now have available. Nearly 30 retail stores opened for business statewide on New Year’s Day. The revenue is reportedly sky high after the first couple of days of sales.

The selected group of retailers,  348 shops approved for licenses so far, made a smoking hot deal. Denver Business Journal reported by early evening Wednesday, the sales revenue could amount to the tune of more than $1 million. No numbers yet on the total cannabis-filled pastries and candies preferred over rolled joints.

Marijuana releases cannabinoids in the body. Cannabinoids actively strengthens the immune system to combat disease. Cancer cells stop reproduction with cannabis treatment too. The healing ingredient is hemp oil that contains the powerful psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). shows support from Dr. William Courtney who has suggested drinking 4 to 8 ounces of raw flower and leaf juice from hemp plants.

Dr. Courtney also reminded consumers that eating cannabis containing THC won’t get you stoned. “If we view the plant simply as a vegetable like all other vegetables we eat, it makes sense that we wouldn’t put it inside rolling papers and smoke it to get the nutritional benefits.”

Of course, most consider the recreational effects much more fun. Common consumption of cannabis includes hash brownies and space cakes. “That 70’s Show” and a collection of American movies have presented scenes of characters getting high off the snacks. The active ingredients don’t kick in until after an hour or so, however, despite what the 30-minute situation comedies might imply.

According to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, feeling the effects takes one to three hours to be exact. Cannabis compounds have to pierce the bloodstream of the patient. The article also advised to let the first portion of weed settle in your system before rushing for the second and third batch. It may be difficult for hard-core chocolate lovers to pace themselves in light of the cannabis treats in these Denver shops.

The term “medical marijuana” may become unnecessary as citizens can make a prescription-free purchase.  There are limitations, however, on how much recreational users may purchase as opposed to those carrying prescriptions. The state government’s approval of cannabis legislation in Denver plays a huge part in breaking the stigma of consuming pot. University professor and cooking instructor, Sandy Moriarty, has warned people about being too eager for a sugar high through marijuana.

Cannabinoids are scientifically proven healthy compounds. The infamous cannaoils, cannabutter, and flour drenched in cannabinoids should still be used sparingly. Moriarty states, “The desserts contain high amounts of unhealthy ingredients such as butter, sugar and cheese. [Sweets] will be counterproductive for those using medical marijuana for alleviation of symptoms related to health issues such as depression or disorders involving imbalanced immune function such as cancer.”

You officially don’t have to be a diagnosed medical marijuana patient to inhale or ingest the plant daily. Denver lawmakers allow adults over 21-years-old to purchase up to an once of cannabis thanks to residents who voted for the law just over a year ago. More than 300 licensed stores are ready to open any day now. Most would agree that’s plenty of cannabis to go around, though demand may well exceed supply with Denver shops finding a winning combination mixing chocolate in with the cannabis for sale.

By Teria Seah



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