DeSean Jackson Robbed of Cash and Jewelry

 DeSean Jackson

One of the worst things a person can experience is being robbed and it can happen to anyone. The Philadelphia Eagles’ DeSean Jackson was robbed of cash and jewelry. Reports state that the football player was robbed of $250,000 in cash and a handgun is missing. The incident happened in Philadelphia near the Eagles’ practice facility and there are no signs of forced entry. According to sources, “no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.” Jackson was in Miami when the robbery took place in Philadelphia.

Jackson has fans who are speculating as to who could have robbed Jacksons’ cash and jewelry, and the possible motive behind it. One fan on Twitter states that it’s ironic that Jackson was robbed just days after hanging out with Lil’ Reese, a famous rapper from Chicago. Others jokingly suggest that internet sensation TerRio robbed Jackson. However, the neighbors knew Jackson always had friends coming in and out of his Philadelphia home, so it could have been anyone.

Meanwhile, other fans suspect that Jackson’s mother was involved in the robbery. Reports state that Jackson’s mother always makes sure his house is secure while he’s away. On Friday night, she went to check on Jackson’s house when she noticed two safes were cracked open and one safe was missing. She immediately called the police. Jackson’s mother knew that he always kept the second floor of his home locked and was surprised to see a safe missing.

While most of Jackson’s fans are speculating as to who could have robbed him, others are concerned about the security of Jackson’s home. Many people are wondering why a famous NFL wide receiver would keep a large sum of money tucked away in his home. Although reports have not indicated Jackson’s reasoning for keeping $250,000 in safes, some people wonder if he should have simply deposited the cash in a bank account. One source advises  Jackson to “put your money in a bank.”

The cash would have been secured, but what about his jewelry? Before the robbery, the money and jewelry were securely locked in three safes, but evidently a lot of his friends and family knew where to find the safes and what was inside of them. One source suggests that Jackson install cameras in his home and have bodyguards watch the house at all times.

Jackson’s case is similar to many robberies that take place throughout the U.S. Though the victims may not have had $250,000 cash inside their home, it’s the worst feeling to know that someone decides to target a person’s home to steal his or her possessions. Most robberies happen to random people, while others are clearly an inside-job. A person should be able to trust family and friends, and not worry about being robbed by them. Sadly, some people get jealous of a person’s talent and fame. Jealous and envy can cause a person to commit horrific acts, and in this case robbery.

Social media is trending the news of DeSean Jackson being robbed of cash and jewelry. While the case remains under investigation, Jackson is offering a $50,000 reward to anyone with information about the thieves in this robbery case.

Opinion By Bridget Cunningham


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