Desperate in DC: Pot, Chris Christie, and Rob Ford (Interview)

Desperate in DC: Pot, Chris Christie, and Rob Ford

In Desperate in DC: Pot, Chris Christie, and Rob Ford, I interview the two women who wrote the e-book (soon to be out in paperback) Desperate in DC, Crystal Walker and Phoebe Thompson. They speak of many topics in this humorous novel, which is sure to be appealing to both female and male readers who enjoy controversial subjects dealt with in an amusing and light-hearted fashion.

With unique insights into the Beltway and U.S. politics, the two women explore in Desperate in DC the ins and outs of the world of political power brokers, and also the lives of D.C. moms.

Desperate in DC is a hilarious blog-book creation. Authors Crystal Walker and Phoebe Thompson, two Washington, DC moms themselves, wrestle in very different ways with the issues of motherhood, money and marriage. The ladies gleefully skewer the privileged and powerful in the nation’s capital, while simultaneously tackling their own life challenges.  Desperate in DC: Pot, Chris Christie, Rob Ford

Crystal and Phoebe have appeared on fox New, and they expressed their differing viewpoints on the legalization of pot. I discuss in the interview that follows these differences with the two authors and humorists. Though Crystal often leans more towards a Democratic, liberal, view when it comes to certain topics, and Phoebe is somewhat more conservative and often Republican in her outlook on the issues of today, the pair have maintained a close friendship for over 20 years.

Is pot harmless, or is it a gateway drug, one that is potentially more dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes? While both Crystal and Phoebe agree that marijuana should be kept out of the hands of minors, Phoebe leans more towards it being illegal for everyone, while Crystal sees some medical benefits to it, and compares it to alcohol and cigarettes , adding that no one’s — at least, yet — has died from pot.

Among other topics Crystal and Phoebe discussed with me were their opinions as to New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie’s chances to win if he decides to run for the presidency, and Rob Ford’s colorful escapades.

Desperate in DC is a great novel you should check out. It’s available to be downloaded on all the latest and greatest reading devices, and through Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more! To purchase the novel and also to read more about these two fantastic authors, all you have to do is go to their website which is listed below. Crystal Walker and Phoebe Thompson are great people who I really enjoyed interviewing, and I’m looking forward to reading more form this talented duo in the near future.

Do you think that pot should be legalized? What are your viewpoints on if Chris Christie still has a chance to becomes America’s next President? Will Robert Ford win re-election as the Mayor of Toronto? Check out the book, Desperate in DC, by authors Crystal Walker and Phoebe Thompson, and please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

Interview with Crystal Walker & Phoebe Thompson

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