Dolphins Upstage Contestants at Rincon Classic Surf Competition [Video]

DolphinsWhile in Taiji Cove, Japan, hundreds of these gentle and intelligent creatures are being slaughtered for their meat or taken into enslavement, a pod of friendly dolphins chose to upstage the contestants at the Rincon Classic Surf Competition.

Getting high on the waves along with the human surfers, a pod of 12 dolphins showed the world that they, too, just want to have fun and enjoy life and the ocean.

Last weekend, the 2014 Rincon Surf Classic was on in Santa Barbara, California, as happens every year at roughly this time (depending on the wave conditions).  The contestants were doing their thing and riding those waves like the pros they are, when out of the blue (quite literally) 12 sleek dolphins appeared, skimming along effortlessly on the crest of the waves.

Dolphins upstage contestants at Rincon Classic surf competition

It was actually during the women’s final on Sunday that the dolphins appeared.  As the ladies got out on the waves, the silhouettes of the dolphins appeared under the waves.  Not only were the dolphins thoroughly enjoying themselves, but it seemed like they also wanted to show us mere humans a thing or two.

The 200 surfers, plus the many spectators watching the action, thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration and the breathtaking show that the pod of dolphins put on for their pleasure.  In the video at the end of this article, you can first hear first the astonishment, and then the cheers from the onlookers, many of whom caught the incident on camera.

According to the media, dolphins are a reasonably common sight in the Santa Barbara area, but apparently they do not generally approach surfers.  In fact they tend to normally shy away from any human contact.  It makes one wonder why they chose to change their ways and participate and join in the fun.

Possibly as a species, the dolphins are aware of the abomination being carried out against their kind in Taiji, Japan right at this moment.  Maybe they want to try and get a message across to us, showing us their friendship, their intelligence and their sense of sheer fun.

Whatever their motives, it was an incredible experience for everyone participating and watching, and we can enjoy the experience, if only from the video below.

Getting back to details of the event, the Rincon Classic has become a regular and popular surfing event, held every year in Santa Barbara somewhere between mid- January and late-February.  They always choose a time when the waves are at their utter best.  The event normally has around 200 human surfers taking part, and this year, a few extras, in the form of their dolphin counterparts.

Instead of a cove where the water has been turned a gruesome shade of red from the blood of so many intelligent and sensitive creatures, the ocean off of Santa Barbara was turned into a celebration of life, fun and athletic spirit.  12 friendly and spirited dolphins showed us that we can work and live together, if only on the crest of the waves.   Yes, dolphins upstaged the contestants at the Rincon Classic surf competition and everyone had fun.

By Anne Sewell


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