Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Creative Director Given “The Dream Project”

Fry Cry 3 Blood Dragon Dean Evans dream project

Fry Cry 3 Blood Dragon was an unexpected gem in the rough, it was the VHS everyone forgot about and then rediscovered ten years later just to find that it had gotten better with age. The stand-alone DLC game was not actually connected to Far Cry 3, but it was so good it didn’t need to be. With so much success from Blood Dragon, the Creative Director Dean Evans has been given a new opportunity he described as “the dream project.”

Fry Cry 3 dream project artist

Evans has been saying that this new project is not only the dream project, but is being tackled by what he calls the dream team. Not much is known about the team on the project other than Darren Bartley, who will be joining as one of the artists. All art in this article is his, for more of his work look for the link at the bottom of the article. Evans has mentioned that he has another well-known concept artist working with the team but has yet to reveal the identity of this supposed industry veteran. Chances are Evans is telling the truth. Due to the success of Blood Dragon, Ubisoft is giving Evans more room to get things done.

Starting with the art is something Evans would likely due because of the importance it has with the universe of the game. To Evans the creation of the universe in the game is one of the most important parts. It is also a part of the process he takes very seriously. “When you build a world and you build a universe that has tight logic on it, you have longevity in that.”

Evans claims that Blood Dragon is one of his more tame ideas. With such information in mind it brings into question who exactly this new project is geared towards. According to Evans, “The audience I’m interested in speaking to is people that dismiss games and don’t consider themselves gamers.” It looks like the dream project will be unrelated to Blood Dragon but that does not mean that Blood Dragon is finished.

It is still too early to wager a guess about the success of this dream project or if it will even make it all the way to completion, however the fact that Evans has been given the opportunity to try something creative is thoroughly exciting. He said that Blood Dragon was one of his more tame ideas which is excellent news for the world of games. Too many games play it safe without trying to bend the limits of what video games can accomplish or what is acceptable in them. Some of Evans other ideas may be too much for a company like Ubisoft to support financially but that doesn’t mean his creative mind will be stopped.

If Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon appealed to you then Evans’ new dream project is something to keep an eye on. He isn’t concerned about the money, he just wants to make something bad ass and fun people can look back on and say “Yeah, that was fucking awesome.” Video games as an art medium experience heavy censorship from the companies that want to keep games safe money makers. The definition of video games is constantly being expanded by individuals like Dean Evans and thank goodness for that.

Fry Cry 3 Blood Dragon Dean Evans Darren Bartley dream project

By Garrett Jutte

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