Flavor Flav Arrested for Speeding: Possession of Marijuana

Flavor FlavFlavor Flav is a rapper and a reality show star, but you might know him best from the big awkward clock that he has hanging from his neck during his many public appearances and at nearly every show he performs at. The 54 year old rapper was pulled over and arrested for speeding and possession of marijuana. He was driving his black Hyundai, going 79 mph in a zone that permits only 55.

After pulling Mr. William Drayton over New York State Police said that they found Drayton had 16 prior suspensions on his driving license. He also was found possessing a small amount of marijuana. He had just recently lost his mother. He was released by New York State Police yesterday so that he could attend his mother’s funeral.

Flavor Flav tweeted on New Years Eve,  “Hey everybody I just lost my mother Anna Drayton this morning, new years eve, she passed away and I’m gonna miss her She lived good a good life.”

“Thank you to everyone that’s sending me blessings about my Momz,,, I appreciate you all of you so much from me and my family, FLAVOR FLAV,” he tweeted shortly after the first tweet.

Flavor Flav rose to glory as part of the hip-hop collective Public Enemy. In 1988 the group released its most popular and most critically acclaimed record It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. The record, which went double platinum, featured the politically tinged single Fight the Power, a song that remains one of their most recognizable songs to this date.

Flavor Flav is widely recognized as being the first hype man and bringing that role within a rap ensemble to prominence. A hype man generally interacts with the crowd and builds the “hype” during a live show or even while recording a song to bring out the life of the song.

After Public Enemy released their first album, Public Enemy #1, they were contacted by the executive of Def Jam Records, Rick Rubin. Rubin was unsure what role Flavor Flav was actually playing within the group and wanted to sign the group’s main rapper Chuck D to a solo contract. Chuck D insisted that Flavor Flav should be signed along with him and so began the public’s fascination William Drayton.

After his rap career had slowed Flavor Flav appeared in many reality series like Flavor of Love, Strange Love, and The Surreal Life.

He is probably most easily recognized by the large clocks he wears around his neck or by his trade mark shout of “yeah boy” or the over the top fashion in which he shouts his name.

Flavor Flav also started a restaurant that sells chicken wings that are made after his very own recipe. The restaurant is aptly named Flav’s Fried Chicken and is located in Clinton, Iowa. Flavor Flav also owns The House of Flavor in Las Vegas, Nevada, which opened in 2012.

Flavor Flav seems to be unable to stay out of the public eye. He was possessing such a small amount of marijuana it is unlikely he will see any major trouble over that crime but the 16 driving suspensions that still rest on his license could prove more challenging. Flavor Flav was arrested yesterday after being pulled over for speeding and possessing marijuana.

By Nick Manai


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