Girl Arrested for Reportedly Stabbing Mother Nine Times

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A young girl was taken into police custody early Saturday morning from a Dallas, Texas apartment after stabbing a family member nine times.

Dallas law enforcement officials have not released the exact relationship between the victim and young girl. However, some sources told a local television station that the victim was reportedly the mother of the girl. The identity of the young girl was not revealed due to the fact that the child is 11-years-old and the law prohibits revealing the name of minors.

According to reports from Dallas law enforcement officers, the girl was extremely upset when she was taken home by friends at close to midnight. The girl told police that she engaged in a heated argument with 41-year-old Toshia Edmonson, reportedly her mother. At one point in the argument, Edmonson told the child that she was giving her away and then allegedly pushed her into a sofa.

Reportedly, the girl then waited in the apartment for her mother to go to sleep.  When her mother did fall asleep, the girl she went to the kitchen to get a knife. After this, she then went to Edmonson’s bedroom and began stabbing the woman nine times. Edmonson received stab wounds to the shoulder, neck and head.  The younger brother of the girl was also in the apartment and told police that he heard his mother wake up yelling for his sister to quit and calling her by name.  Edmonson, who is a single mother of both children, was eventually able to grab hold of the knife and fell on top of the girl and thus stopping the stabbing.

When the brother heard the screams, he ran into the hallway and saw both the child and adult females covered in blood. After seeing this, he ran to the common area of the apartment complex and was met by two neighbors who were coming to the families aid after hearing the screams. One of those neighbors went inside the apartment and found the girl calling for help. The neighbor then went to the bedroom and found Edmonson covered in blood. At this point, 911 was called to the scene. Police arrived at the apartment just after 4 a.m.

A family friend told reporters that the girl seemed out of sorts immediately following the stabbing. However, he stated that before law enforcement had left, she seemed to be returning to her normal personality and began crying for her mother.  The neighbor described the girl as smart and quiet and that the actions taken against her mother were totally out of character. He further described his neighbors as a “good family.”

The mother was taken by emergency vehicle to Central Methodist Hospital in Dallas. Reports indicate that she was stable and communicating by the same afternoon.

The girl reportedly told law enforcement officers that she attacked Edmonson due to feeling anger and frustration towards her. She was taken to the nearby Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center by police and charged with family violence aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, for reportedly stabbing her mother none times.

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