Golden Globe Awards Ignore the Obvious Snub


Golden Globe Awards Ignore the Obvious Snub

The Golden Globe Awards are not trivial in nature or preparation.  In all sincerity, most winners of a Golden Globe Award are present and accounted for.  The gowns and glamour are well prepared long in advance of the special event that honors entertainers we adore and love.  Limos have been reserved, hairdos and jewelry have been selected and speeches, if needed, are in safe keeping.  It is a long awaited night of fun, festivity and friendship among the best of the best by Hollywood standards.  A night to celebrate in style, within the allowed hoopla of hoorays and hellos.

Restored and rekindled friendships amongst the ones that make entertainment work at at its best, shine in smiles and glances across the aisles of the theatre in the Beverly Hills Hilton.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did their usual line-up of jokes and stayed in good spirits throughout the evening.  Poehler, friends with Fey for the last 20 years, had her own moment of glory by winning the award for best actress in a TV comedy.  The pair kept things moving and entertaining.

Good humor and acknowledged nods become a standard at the Golden Globe Awards Show, which competes with other award presentations almost every other month.  It is somewhat serious business to win a coveted award, but if you are good, there are many to be had along the way.  The Golden Globe Awards have been around for 71 years and have been hosted at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel since 1961.  History is constantly being made in the grand hall, rooms, and lobbies of this exquiste building.

Everyone from Tom Hanks, Ron Howard and Sandra Bullock were dressed to the gills to celebrate the finest of their peers and cheer in agreement at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony.  Resentment or sour grapes are not allowed for the applause of life, love and lies in the fictional world of actors and actresses.  It’s all in good fun and camaraderie as each nominated role player hopes for the best and bets on the odds of stocking their shelf with another award.

Winning best most coveted award at the Golden Globes was the one of the Cecil B. DeMille honor.  The winner was the absent Woody Allen.  He snubbed the award show in great fashion by his obvious absence and obscurity.  The renowned actor and director of such films as Annie Hall, Manhattan and Crimes and Misdemeanors, must have had his own agenda tonight.  The 78 year old Allen, who looks like someone’s ex father-in-law, did not bother to accept his own award.  Diane Keaton paid a nice tribute to her good friend, as he most likely arranged to have his statue shipped by snail mail.

Most attendees remained optimistic as the hall was filled with laughter and good vibes.  The winners were well deserving and gave positive speeches, as if auditioning for their next role.  Winner of the best drama went to 12 Years A Slave, with best Actor in Drama going to Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club.   Best actress in a Drama movie was awarded to Cate Blanchett for Billie Jasmine.

Rounding out the fun were awards for comedy or musical achievement.  American Hustle was the big winner, also naming Amy Adams as best actress.  Leonardo DiCaprio stayed sober and grounded enough to accept his award for best actor in a musical or comedy film, The Wolf of Wall Street.  He paid special honor to Martin Scorsese, who he has worked with on many films.

All in all, it was a festive evening.  Unless the stars are near the time of being laid into Forest Lawn, they should show up and be a part of the gala and celebrate with each other the works they have all toiled so hard to make happen.  Some were missed, Mr. Allen, but many were honored in another joyous evening of Hollywood fame and glory.

Editorial By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

CBS News  


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