Google and Facebook will Launch Disruptive Technologies out of India (Video)

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Technology giants Google and Facebook will launch some disruptive technologies out of India.  Disruptive technology is considered sophisticated software which is a possible threat to the future of American national security, according to the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

It is no surprise that Facebook is not shy about “facing off” with Google.  The fierce competition between the two technology giants is not slowing down.  In the past month Facebook tagged a start-up firm in Bangalore, India. Google got in the game soon afterwards and chased down a neighboring firm in the same city.

The technology giants are racing to stay ahead of the technology competition and security measures to protect the U.S. from unforeseen attacks.  A DTRA study from December 2006 summarized the cautionary stance that U.S. military policy must adapt as a result of India and China’s advances in technology development:

“Globalization is an irreversible process. High technology is no longer the sole domain of the United States and other western countries. In order to avoid military surprises from Disruptive Challenges, we must be increasingly vigilant of states such as China and India, who are well positioned to become leaders at the nexus of nano-, bio-, information and materials technology, from which will likely emerge the future disruptive challenges to U.S. national security.”

India has been quickly gaining ground in the field of information technology.  Software engineers have been reportedly surfacing in India in multiples of thousands.

India’s IT success has earned attention by the world’s most brilliant minds. Software engineers in India have gained respect everywhere including Silicon Valley. The majority of engineers and specialists have been working for large Indian technology companies. Bangalore is known as a technology center which primarily focuses on support work for companies in the West. This service niche has brought international acclaim to India.  Entrepreneurs are spawning as a result of this new found recognition and success.

The almost-simultaneous purchases by Facebook and Google could be compared to a not-so-subtle rivalry between associates who are on competitive teams – friendly, but nevertheless, fierce.  India considers these extraordinary purchases by Google and Facebook as trophies for the country and will be watching as these tech giants get ready to launch disruptive technologies.

Due to these first-time purchases by Facebook and Google, India is now in the forefront for global technology firms interested in acquiring talent and cutting edge technology.  Global technology firms are commonly on the lookout for these kinds of opportunities.

Spokesperson and executive Rutvik Doshi from Inventus Capital Partners in Bangalore described the significance of the company purchases. He said that first-time acquisitions by these large U.S. companies are proving reality of “more talent, more technology, and more entrepreneurship happening” in India:

“It is the beginning of a new era.”

Experts said that the ground breaking purchases are important because it gives India credibility to attract venture capital funding for entrepreneurs.  Experts have said that now businesses will be more likely to develop products for the international market.  Before this time, products were developed almost solely for the domestic market.

The company that Facebook purchased earlier in January was Little Eye Labs located in Bangalore.  Four engineers started the company less than two years ago. Facebook paid an estimated $10-15 million for Little Eye’s mobile app analysis and monitoring tools. Industry analysts have speculated that this purchase may reflect Facebook’s priority to focus more on mobile devices which are becoming more popular.

Google acquired Imperium for its innovation of security walls for websites to prevent spam, fraud and abuse on the Internet. Google allegedly spent $9 million.

It is not a surprise that Google and Facebook will be launching disruptive technologies out of India to stay ahead of the competitive global market.

By Danelle Cheney


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