Google Chrome Speaker Feature Makes Tabs Easier

GoogleGoogle Chrome has recently released a speaker feature that makes using tabs much easier. Users no longer have to search through each tab to determine which one is making the sound. It is one step further than the current options for muting sound coming from browsers with multiple tabs open.

Some websites currently automatically play videos and music for advertisement purposes. It can take time to go through each tab and work out where the sound is coming from to be able to shut it off. It is especially annoying for those who open 10 or more tabs due to all the work they do with the internet. Most web browser creators know that this is a problem, but only Google has currently implemented steps for users to find it.

This new feature has been available as a beta feature since November 2013. A speaker will appear on the top of the tab to indicate if that is the one that has the sound coming from. It will save time clicking through each one to find the culprit.

Those who do not currently use Chrome will get the feature as soon as it is downloaded. Those who do currently have Chrome just have to update their browser and the feature is automatically added. Updating is very simple and requires closing the browser and then reopening it.

The new speaker feature for Google Chrome makes tabs easier to deal with, even compared to the MuteTab extension. Firefox has a similar feature to MuteTab called Muter. In MuteTab it is possible to mute specific tabs, so can be used with the new speaker feature. With Firefox’s Muter it simple mutes all tabs open within the browser. Neither stops videos from playing.

The speaker feature is not the only new addition to Chrome. The same feature allows people to see when something is being cast to TV or uses the webcam. A red button, like the red light while a video is recording, appears in the tabs when the webcam is in use. A small TV-like screen appears in the tabs when something is being cast to the TV.

Google has released an update for Windows 8 “Metro” users. An integrated app launcher is now available to make it easier to get to apps that people want. This has already been a part of the Chromebook .

Automatically blocking malware files is another new feature. When someone tries to download a file that is dangerous, a box at the bottom will appear to inform him or her that the file is malware and Chrome has automatically blocked it. All the user has to do is press dismiss and he or she is safe. Before this, Google simply warned people that a download may have been malware and let the user choose whether to continue or not.

All these beta features are available for use now. Google creators hope that it will make browsing easier and safer for all. The Google Chrome speaker feature will definitely make things easier for those using multiple tabs.

By Alexandria Ingham

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