Google Glass Available Soon With Prescription Lenses

Google Glass Available Soon With Prescription Lenses

Google Glass computer devices will soon be available from Google Inc. that will offer prescription lenses so that techies with vision problems will be able to see downloaded emails and videos as they then walk directly into honking traffic and fall down empty manholes.

Google Glass owners don’t see the glass either half full or half empty — they see their wallets growing smaller by $1500 for the non-prescription model and the same, but with an added cost of $225, for the prescription version. You’ll be able to purchase the sunglasses for a mere $150 over the $1500 base price.

The prices are expected to drop somewhat when the prescription Google Glass devices hit the market later in 2014. Right now, only a limited number are available to be tested out. Google intended to appeal to trendy high-class fashionistas into the latest in technology with the revamped look and designer frame choices that will become available.

Get prescription Google Glass lenses through your health insurance provider

Is it worth it to you to spend $1725 (before taxes) to purchase your very own Google Glass prescription lenses with your choice of designer frames?

Yes, if you want to be the coolest nerd near-sighted multi-millionaire on the block — for the rest of us, either a laptop or a surgically-implanted smartphone with a machine/brain interface is more than sufficient.

However, the prescription lenses and frames — with names like “Curve” and “Bold,” — according to a recent announcement by Google, will be covered by their Vision Service Plan, up to a certain amount based on your particular vision plan (usually anywhere between $80-$160). The Vision Service Plan is the country’s largest provider of optical health insurance.

In a statement, Google said that the Google Glass devices mark an “entirely new category of smart eyewear.”

Google has been training an unspecified number of VSP eye doctors in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco>. Part of the reason why emphasis has been placed on combining the Google Glass device with prescription lenses is simply to make Google better at combining allow,diverse products I’ve intended to The training might involve to combine the device and special Glass frames with prescription lenses

What can you do with Google Glass devices?

Though the viewing screen for the Google Glass devices is rather small, about the size of a postage stamp, you can do quite a lot with them, such as access your email, get driving directions, record videos, and connect with a cell phone to wirelessly search for information on the Web.

Before the revamping of Google Glass, the available version was the subject of more than a little spoofing and ridicule. It was even parodied on SNL and by a popular blog.

The original version of Google Glass looked pretty much like a lensless pair of glasses that was affixed to a titanium band, all resting upon the bridge of one’s nose.

At this time, the revamped Google Glass is only available to the people who are testing it out, and those creating one/more apps for it. Still, once the testing has been completed, and Google Glass has any bugs ironed out, Google is expected to drop down the price of Google Glass to a more affordable price level. One place that you can order prescription lenses for Google Glass devices right now is Wetley, where the price starts off at $99 and goes up from there — you can get there by clicking on the last source listed below.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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