Google Glass Causing Problems for Tested Users

Google Glass

Google Glass is causing problems for tested users every day. Thirty thousand users called explorers are testing this product before it is sold to the public  These explorers are discovering new hurdles while wearing these glasses. Two users had a run in with the law after using their glasses.

Agents from Homeland Security at an AMC movie theater questioned a man in Atlanta because they thought he was trying to record a movie. The man was watching the movie with his wife when a federal agent approached the couple and asked both of them to come with him.  He then took each of them into separate rooms in the mall’s administrative area to be questioned.  The interview was voluntary; however, if the two decided not to, they were told bad things would happen. The man was asked about who he reported to, how much money he made as well as questions relating to the alleged piracy. After the questioning, the man’s computer, Google Glass and phone were searched for pirated material. No material was found and the couple was released.

This is not the first time a user has encountered problems while using the device. A woman was given a ticket for wearing her Google Glass while driving.  In San Diego, Cecilia Abadie was pulled over by Officer Keith Odle for speeding.  He claimed the “hardware for this device was blocking her peripheral vision on her right side,” said Odle. This is why he believes she zoomed by his vehicle at 85 miles per hour in her car. Commissioner John Blair said that Abadie was not guilty because she was protected by a code that says there needs to be proof that the device was activated. Blair did find that the code only applies to using a video or TV screen or similar device that is operational when the car is in motion. However, William Concidine, Abadie’s attorney, stated that the code was not relevant and defended his client by saying that her eye wear was not operational while she was driving her vehicle. The commissioner dismissed Odle’s documentation of the incident and said Abadie was not guilty. Users might soon have to remove their glasses when they drive because of a possible ban while driving.

New York might be the first state to ban Google Glass. Assemblyman Felix Ortiz is trying to make Google Glass illegal by passing a law that bans users from interacting with the device while driving; this includes using the eyewear as a cell phone. Ortiz believes that the glasses are as distracting as using a cell phone and believes the bill is taking care of a problem that impacts the public.  “This legislation is about addressing a public safety issue. You cannot be driving and try to believe you can have a Google Glass and have a normal conversation, because it’s not going to happen,” said Ortiz. Three more states are on the bandwagon to prohibit users from using Google Glass while driving: Delaware, New Jersey and West Virginia.

Even though Google Glass is only being tested on explorers, these testers will help Google recognize and fix the problems that come along with a new device.

By Jordan Bonte


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