Google Glass is Available for Prescription Frames

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Prescription lenses for Google Glass are finally available for people that wear glasses. Google announced that it has added options that will include prescription glasses and it has several new eyeglass frames. This move is an attempt to make the product more widely available for all users and more consumer friendly.

The hardware can project an internet connection, send emails,  take video, assist with directions and more, all displayed on a tiny screen above the right eye. Before now the glasses didn’t help people see but now they can. According to,  the frames will also provide a correctable factor of +4 to -4 and they come in both transparent and shaded lenses.

These look like normal glasses now answering the complaint that they looked weird or didn’t look normal before. The  Google Glass frames were designed by Google employees in the Glass Team Department. There were rumors that they were  designed by Warby Parker, but these have proven untrue.

The frames are titanium and they look like regular glasses that can be acquired with a normal prescription. The collection comes in different styles and eight colors. There are four frame shapes and they are called bold, curve, thin and split and should be sufficient to provide for the types of frames that most people like to wear.

The prescription lenses will cost an additional $225.00 from the regular Google Glass price of $1,500. The cost of prescription eyeglasses is sometimes high, particularly without insurance coverage, but Google offers a vision benefit with VSP, an optical insurance provider to add coverage for those qualified. The insurance reimbursement is not for the Google Glass device but it will be for the prescription lenses and frames.

Google hopes that people will be comfortable with this technology and that the prescription frames will give them the convenience of not having to choose between Google Glass and regular prescription glasses. “We’re going to reach some day; hopefully it will be soon, where people will wonder ‘why would I want traditional glasses? They don’t do X, Y or Z'” said Steve Lee, Google Glass Product Director. This may seem like it is science fiction for some people but this is where Google says it is headed..

On the other hand, if users would like to change their Glass back and forth between a clear pair of glasses and a tinted pair, they would have to buy two pairs and switch it back and forth. To remove the Glass a screwdriver will be required to remove small screws that must be removed and replaced when changing the device to another pair of glasses.

Sunglasses have been another area that some have wanted Google to address and now the company has. . Two new shades have been released the classic and Edge. They don’t have the prescription sunglasses yet but the price is $150.00.

Google has opened the door to people that don’t want to wear contact lenses and desire to look stylish wearing Google Glass with prescription frames.

By Lanee’ Blunt


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