Google Glass Merits, Demerits and Fails Revealed

Google Glass

“Okay, Glass, Google merits and failures of using Google Glass.” This request made on Google Glass would return a host of merits of using this much-anticipated device and very little in terms of prospective fails and demerits.

“Okay, Glass” are the first two words to be said to kick-start the device. After the key words are said, Google Glass is ready to receive and execute a verbal order being placed on it.

The week starting January has seen a surge in information regarding the device. Facts and rumors have been floating and trending on all days. Even news on the device’s tryst with law enforcement and legislators has already made headlines.

However, before the device is officially launched to the awaiting and much tech-hungry fans, the Glass and its customers would need a comprehensive comparison in both the positive and negative direction. And like every device out there Google Glass too would have its share of some fantastic utility and yet needs to be used with appropriate caution.

This is also required to avoid incidences similar to a student engrossed in her Facebook page on a mobile device falling off the St Kilda’s pier in Australia last December. Thus, Google Glass merits a comprehensive look at its utility from all the available information on the device including that of its demerits and the fails that could be avoided while using it.

Driving with Google Glass

Google claims that the device assists in driving and can alert and awaken the driver who is wearing the glass. However, they also maintain that local laws regarding the use of devices must be respected and adhered to while using Google Glass behind the wheel.

The case of a woman being booked for driving with the Google Glass has created quite a flutter. West Virginia lawmakers taking a cue from the case also moved a bill to ban the use of the device while driving. And this is just the beginning of a long list of actions that the world is ready to witness and needs to be religiously followed.

Google Glass in movie theaters is bad news

Another case has come up where in a patron was reportedly detained and question by federal agents for watching a movie wearing the Glass. This incident should ring alarm bells for all to undertake a careful consideration on the places where they can wear and not wear the device. It also puts breaks to all those strategists who thought that Google Glass would be the secret weapon for future movie pirates.

Sex-ing up things with Google Glass app

Sex became more interesting when Google introduced the “Sex with Glass” app for its patrons wherein one can record and see the everything though the partner’s eyes during a steamy session. Designed to bring an impressive twist to the sex life of its users, the creepy part, however is that the same app can also be used by anyone to secretly record and distribute sexual encounters.

Celebrities who have often found their sexual life reaching the public domain would need to do a re-think before such devices are part of their arsenal as well.

Office use

Using the Google Glass during office hours would definitely get everyone’s attention at the start for the curiosity over the device. However, if the camera function is misused, colleagues could end up ignoring the user completely for fear of being recorded.

Finding directions

Looking for direction would be such a delight once the glass couples itself with Google Maps. One can get real-time directions beamed right in front of the eye and can easily follow it to walk up to the desired location.

However, not minding the ongoing traffic and other obstruction while focusing on the glass could result in accidents is danger to be noted. A repetition of the St Kilda incident could be possible if users are not extra careful.

Medical uses

Google Glass has given fantastic results in the medical field where doctors are conducting remote surgeries using the device. The glass can also be used to record or beam real-time images of a surgery to medical students for training and learning directly.

It can also be helpful in avoiding clinical errors and in emergency rooms especially in times when senior doctors are unavailable. it can also be used for quick textbook reference as well.

Other uses that are being talked about

  1. Real time language translation, even remote language translation is a possibility and has a huge potential
  2. Real time gaming will get a boost with Google Glass.

Most important yet most ignored usage

Ironically, the least talked about usage of the Google Glass would be to use it as an actual vision correction glass. Google Glass could one day easily replace eye-glasses in its current form and give snoopers like Edward Snowden who is always seen in his glasses an added arsenal.

With the launch date approaching and continues development activities being conducted on Google Glass by researches, the field of usage of the device is set to widen to newer avenues. With greater usage the list of merits and demerits will only expand and failures need to be documented and revealed in a timely manner for greater customer awareness and to avoid repetition of similar mistakes.

By Daris Abraham

Guardian Liberty Voice

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