Google Smart Contact Lenses Mean Better Health

Google Works on Smart Contacts

For many diabetes patients who are hoping for better health, a solution from Google may now be available that does not involve pricking fingers. Google has announced their work on an invention known as smart contact lenses. The contact lenses by Google are so smart that they may be able to monitor blood glucose levels through a person’s eye, meaning better health for many who suffer from diabetes. But how exactly do these contacts work, and will they truly help the 26.9 percent of Americans with diabetes?

Millions of people suffer from diabetes. They are at risk for heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness and many other problems that develop as a result of high blood sugar. But now, with the new solution that may be offered by Google in the future, many will be able to gain better control by knowing their blood sugar levels. With smart contact lenses, they will be able to gain control without pain or expensive supplies.

The drawback, however, is that this invention has already been at least five years in the making and has been tried by other companies, including Microsoft. No reports have been made about how much investment has gone into this product or how far away Google, or any others that may be working on it, may be from releasing a finished product.

But Google X, the company that works on Google’s best and most secretive innovations, has also worked to bring in cars that drive themselves and balloons that help remote areas receive the Internet. So, smart contacts should not be too hard for the company to create. Rumor is that Google is already talking to the Food and Drug Administration about approving the smart contact lenses for millions of diabetics that need them.

The contacts will fit into a person’s eye, as regular contacts do, but will have sensors and chips in between two lenses that are so small they look like glitter. They will also have an antennae that are supposedly smaller than human hairs. While the project continues in development, Google is working on adding LED lights into the contacts that will flash when blood sugar levels are too high or too low.

The contacts will use tears in the eye to monitor blood sugar. If the smart contact lens works correctly, it is supposed to get a reading on blood sugar levels every second. As the project continues, researchers are hoping to create a device that will communicate with the smart lens to automatically regulate blood sugar levels from inside the body, based on the readings of the contact lens.

While this new technology could mean better health for those with diabetes, Google and other top inventors could expand beyond just smart contact lenses that monitor blood sugar levels. Many scientists are saying if this product becomes successful it could lead to the invention of many other products that will transform the contact lenses into products that could improve health and technology in many other ways.

In some movies, viewers have seen the possibility of people being able to access the Internet from their minds. Could it be possible that smart contact lenses could mean being able to see the Internet through lenses?

Maybe that idea is a little farfetched but for now, the development of smart contact lenses continues to be a major product in the works. Google has not made many comments on this innovation, but as the work continues, perhaps smart contact lenses will mean better health for not only diabetics, but for everyone.

By Crystal Boulware

The Washington Post
Business Insider
CNN Money