Grammy Awards Macklemore & Lewis Win Foretold by YouTube Award?

Grammy Awards Macklemore & Lewis Win Foretold by YouTube Award?

Grammy Awards Macklemore & Lewis Win Foretold by YouTube Award?

Way back in November 2013 when YouTube held their first annual Music Awards, Macklemore & Lewis walked away with Breakthrough of the Year; now a short time later it seems this “questionable” win foretold their Grammy Awards four trophy snatch. At the time of the Nov. 2 YouTubes awards ceremony there were quite a number of winners that were seriously considered somewhat odd by fans.

This was the second time that Macklemore & Lewis have “snatched” an award from Kendrick Lamar. Macklemore actually posted on Instagram that he felt Lamar should have taken the Grammy home on the night of the 2014 awards ceremony. It could be that the Thrift Shop rapper felt guilty at taking yet another award from Lamar. Considering the YouTube award, that also had Lamar as a nominee, was also taken home by Macklemore & Lewis it would not be surprising.

The list of nominees for the Breakthrough of the Year in the first ever YouTube Music Awards included, not just Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore & Lewis, but also Naughty Boy, Passenger, and Rudimental. While Lamar was the “apparent” favorite to win in that category, it was not the only time in the evening that the “odds-on” favorite lost out to another nominee.

Macklemore & Lewis winning four Grammys on the night was clearly foretold by their YouTube win back in November. Despite the amount of “wins” that were thought to be unfair and bearing no relation to the amount of views along with the votes received.

Case in point being the YouTube Phenomenon award. Nominees for this award included Harlem Shake; Gangnam Style; and I Knew You Were Trouble; Diamonds as well as Macklemore & Lewis’s Thrift Shop. The winner of the category was Taylor Swift with her I knew You Were Trouble music video. While the deciding factor was which song inspired the most fan videos, if just views alone had been counted Swift would not have had a chance.

Although, Taylor may have had the most “fan videos”, her win was contested by many viewers as being unfair to the other nominees since they had higher viewing figures. PSY’s Gangnam Style, for example, had well over a billion views at the time of the awards while Taylor Swift’s music video, which won, has still not come near the billion view mark.

The actual ceremony itself, helmed by Spike Jonze, was a mishmash of confusion which attempted to recreate the allure of YouTube and the spontaneity of videos posted on the Google site. Despite the live broadcast aspect of the YouTube award show, viewers interest waned dramatically throughout the program. So much so that by the time Eminem won Artist of the Year, thousands had signed off the Livestream broadcast.

With their YouTube win almost foretelling Macklemore & Lewis winning four awards on the 2014 Grammy Awards, it seems that whatever influence was responsible for their taking another award from Kendrick Lamar may have made the Thrift Shop rapper feel a little guilty. For the record, by the end of the Grammys event, their awards were: Best New Artist; Best Rap Album, for The Heist; Best Rap Performance; and Best Rap Song. Somewhat amazingly, besides beating out Kendrick Lamar they also won over Kanye West and Jay Z. Interestingly, Macklemore did not post anything on Instagram about beating those two artists.

By Michael Smith



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