Grammy Awards Moments Nobody Should Have Missed

Grammy AwardsThe Grammy Awards show was full of moments  that nobody should have missed. Some of these were accidental trips and falls and others included the people who took the awards home. Here are the main moments that many will be talking about this week.

1. The Moment Taylor Swift Thought Red Won

Swift’s latest album, Red, was one of the nominations for Best Album. At the time of the announcement, she had her mouth open wide and the people around her started prematurely celebrating, thinking that the album had won. However, it went to Random Access Memories by Daft Punk instead.

She took the loss gracefully by applauding the winner, as soon as she realized her mistake.

2. Pink’s Acrobatic Performance

The Grammy Awards performances are getting bigger and better, every year. This year saw Pink perform while doing acrobatics in the air. She hung from ropes and flipped around as she spun. Many fans will remember her acrobatic performance from a couple of years ago, but this year she finished it with a duet with Fun’s Nate Ruess.

3. The Questionable Fashion Accessories

All awards shows are times for dressing up and showing off personal tastes. For some that goes better than others. One of this year’s most memorable Grammy Awards moments that nobody should have missed was Pharrell Williams and his over-sized, and ridiculous, Smokey the Bear hat. His questionable accessory has had various people take to Twitter to talk about it, including Arby’s, asking if they could have the hat back; meanwhile, user Aristhotle made a joke about having enough dollars to fit into the hat for every joke that was made.

Williams wasn’t the only one with questionable fashion accessories. Madonna took to the show with a grill, giving off a creepy gold grin.

4. The 33 Weddings

33 couples—gay, lesbian and straight—were married during the Grammy Awards, with Queen Latifah officiating. This was big news before the event, but the moment during it came when Keith Urban shed a tear. Fans took to the social media site to share their love and appreciation for Urban showing that “real men do cry.”

5. The Beatles Reunite

The two surviving Beatles members finally reunited. Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney took to the stage to perform, with Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono in the audience watching. It started off with just Starr performing Photograph and then McCartney joined him afterwards. The band also received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

6. Daft Punk Taking Home Five Grammys

One of the best moments of the night had to be Daft Punk taking home five awards of the night—one of those being the aforementioned Best Album. The French pop duo kept helmets on the entire time, even while dressed in tuxedos. The two stood there while Williams thanked everybody on “behalf of the robots.”

Awards shows are never boring, and 2014 proved that. There were many great Grammy Awards moments that nobody should have missed, whether for laughs, pleasant surprises or for heart-warming feelings.

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham


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