Intel on Cloud ‘Nine’ Launches

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Intel does not intend come down from its position high up in the clouds as it boosts itself even higher with launches of nine new core based micro-chips to consolidate its market share even further. After the claim of record sales for its desktop based Core i7 CPUs by Intel, the latest launch is focused on ensuring a similar domination in the segment of the notebook and mobile based devices as well.

The new Haswell-based chips have been officially launched along with a brief specification and price-list. It includes five Core i7 chips and four Core i5s chips. Apart from the Core series, Intel has launched or rather re-launched a tenth chip in the Celeron series with a $30 reduction to not disappoint even the budget freaks.

An analysis of the specifications available indicates that Intel no longer wants to sit pretty on previously launched chips for too long and intends to release faster processors more often having greater power specs. This is evident from the fact that Intel’s fresh offerings received only a minor increase in its speed when compared to its predecessor models released in the summer and fall of 2013.


Intel may be foraying into the cloud computing platform with vigor, however it certainly has its head firmly placed on its expertise in hardware and continues to cater to the customers with the latest launch of nine new fourth generation chips based on its Core-architecture.

Intel has also ensured that they cater to a wide range of customer budgets as well as the power-hungry techies. With a price ranging from $225 to $1096 in its Core segment and $107 for its Celeron offering, Intel has smartly targeted every pocket-size.

In terms of power, the fastest is Core i7-4940MX with its four CPU cores and 3.1 gigahertz processing speed. The extreme edition is coupled with an 8 MB L3 cache and an unlocked clock multiplier indicated by the suffix MX. The MX suffix is also in reference to its capability in high-end spectrum requirement of mobile devices.

If one takes a deeper look at the chip names then it can be determined that Intel is offering three models in the ultra low voltage range indicated by the use of “U” in the name. The use of “M” in the name is referring to its availability for mobile platforms.

The clear majority is visible in the models announced for mobile devices supporting chips. The mobile platforms getting favor even after reported claim of record desktop based Core i7 sales leaves behind a lot of questions in the minds of the investors as well.

Irrespective of this fact Intel has gone ahead with only a minor boot up of hundred megahertz from its predecessor versions. Even with this, Intel has thrown caution at the wind for its competitors that although the company has shown inclination towards cloud computing platforms, it continues to innovate in its core hardware segment and should be expected to continue this streak of nine launches every six months.

By Daris Abraham

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