Iowa House Fire Claims Five Lives

Iowa House Fire Claims Five Lives

In Iowa a house fire claimed five victims. Fire crews recovered the bodies from the remains of the home that had been completely ruined by an early morning blaze on Friday, stated police authorities. The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office had an emergency 911 call come in around 3:40 a.m. about a home that was on fire close to the small town of Arlington, Iowa. It is around 120 miles to the northeast of Des Moines. The call stated that the fire was located at 5094 F. Ave. near the town. Several fire crews from the fire departments of Aurora, Stanley, and Arlington were dispatched to the scene, which was approximately four miles to the south of Arlington.

The numerous fire departments that responded to the emergency call discovered the home to be totally engulfed in flames when they arrived. The fire scorched through the house, and only left behind a singed pile of smoldering siding and bits of metal. Ron Humphrey, who was with the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s office stated that damage to the property was so bad it would be problematic to collect sufficient evidence to even determine what caused the blaze.

Fire and police authorities had to spend numerous hours Friday searching for the fifth body, and it was finally recovered by the early part of the afternoon. Humphrey stated the home was believed to be owned by an elderly man who had rented out various rooms to other individuals. He added that investigators believed there were three adults and two children who had perished in the fire, but that it would take time to clearly identify all of the bodies. He stated that ID information would be based on who they thought was in the house at the time of the fire. What authorities do know so far is that among the dead are two deceased children. They were believed to be a four-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl. A friend of one of the victims has confirmed this information and also stated that the mother of the two children was also killed in the blaze. Investigators are refusing to release any names of the ones killed before their family members were able to be notified.

Even with one of victim’s friends speaking up, all the bodies would still have to be sent to the Iowa state medical examiner’s office in order to have their identities officially confirmed. There were numerous agencies on the scene of the blaze. They were from the Fayette County Sheriff Fire Investigator’s office; an official from the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s office and also authorities from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigations were continuing on the scene to try and find out what started the deadly fire on Friday afternoon after the bodies were removed. The fire is being called a terrible tragedy.

So far no other information has been released about the blaze. The various fire departments in Iowa recovered the five bodies out of the remains of the completely ruined home from the early morning blaze on Friday, stated police authorities.

By Kimberly Ruble


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