Jennifer Lawrence Continues to Show a Human Side

Jennifer LawrenceLast year at the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence tripped on the way to her acceptance speech, but quickly waved it off. Many fans enjoyed the fact that there was a human and modest side to The Hunger Games star. Lawrence continues to show that human side as she spoke to Taylor Swift on the way to the Golden Globes at the weekend.

The “girl on fire” interrupted Swift’s interview by pretending to sneak up on her. After Ryan Seacrest pointed out that the 23-year-old actress was behind his interviewee, the two hugged and Lawrence jokingly told Swift that she was going to push her down the stairs. It is clear the two are friends as the singer laughed off the remarks. The pair also shared information about a text message that Lawrence sent Swift after watching the Country Music Awards performance.

Lawrence has a charming but awkward personality, which comes across in the majority of interviews and speeches that she does. The latest acceptance speech, when she won the prize for supporting actress this year, added to the list of awkward but funny speeches. She did manage to avoid a very embarrassing comment about Meryl Streep this year.

During her 2013 acceptance speech for the award she won for her role in Silver Linings, Lawrence stated “I beat Meryl!” It was a comment that rose eyebrows as Streep was a nominee in the same category. After the speech, the then-22-year-old did explain that it was not meant the way it sounded. It was a quote from movie The First Wives Club. Unfortunately, that was not the way it came across at the time. Just a few months later, Lawrence continued to show her human side by tripping up the stairs and then laughing about it with the audience.

The acceptance speech this year missed out the controversial comments, and was mostly about thanking the support around her. There was just one line about watching the other movies within her category, where she mentioned that she watched all of them, but not quite all of them. Was the confusing comment meant to say that she watched snippets of the performances of each of the actresses against her for the prize? After the awards, she explained that she found the whole speech overwhelming. She was the first to go up on stage, as her category was the first to be announced.

This is the second Golden Globe Award that Lawrence has won, and she shows no signs of slowing down. She is one actress who has managed to take on a variety of characters at the same time. Just after finishing filming American Hustle, she went back into the role of Katniss Everdeen for the third movie from The Hunger Games triology, Mockingjay Part 1.

It is likely she will be up on the podium again accepting awards as she continues in her acting career. It does make a change seeing young actresses like Lawrence who continue to show that they really do have a human side behind the beautiful dresses and makeup.

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham


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