Jennifer Lawrence Hears ‘Homeland’ Spoiler on Red Carpet [VIDEO]

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence met Homeland star Damian Lewis on the red carpet at the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) where she heard spoilers from season three. For those who have not seen the ending to the third season yet, watch out because the spoilers are shared.

Lawrence has been a big Homeland fan and stated that she’s seen the first two seasons twice already. However, she is currently waiting for the DVD release for the third to catch up. She explained that she has to wait for the DVD because she is too impatient, presumably to watch one episode per week as it airs. It was a dream come true for the American Hustle actress when she met Lewis on the red carpet of the SAG awards.

The star still showed that there is a human side to her and she is still star-struck now and then. During her interview with Shaun Robinson from Access Hollywood, the 23-year-old actress spotted Lewis on the platform next to her and instantly started acting like a schoolgirl with a crush. She got even more excited when she found out she could meet him.

She even admitted that she was freaking out at the thought of meeting the British actor, and constantly told herself to calm down and act “cool.”

Robinson caught Lewis’ attention and The Hunger Games star got to give him a hug. She squealed as many fans have done upon meeting something they love watching in shows and exclaimed how much she loved Homeland. It was then that Lawrence heard the spoiler for Homeland on the red carpet.

Robinson, along with colleague Laura Saltman, who was interviewing Lewis, told Lawrence about the ending to season three. They explained that Lewis’ character had been killed off in nail-biting final episode.

Lawrence failed to hide the shock, disbelief and anger at hearing the information. She acted like many others have when hearing spoilers for TV shows and movies. Lewis tried to cover the faux pas by telling the 23-year-old that they were lying, but she saw through the attempt. She turned to the Access Hollywood interviewers and said “I can’t believe you said that.”

According to Lawrence it was like her heart fell out. She was feeling a weird emotion that she couldn’t quite explain. She even started crying at the news, which Lewis couldn’t help but question her about. Before moving on from the news, Lawrence called Robinson a “monster.”

There has been a mixture of comments about Lawrence’s appearance during the interview. While some have said that they feel sorry for the star being spoiled about the ending, others have taken to criticizing the over-acting while she met Lewis. As Lewis was called over she turned her back and grabbed the wall in a poor attempt to prevent meeting the actor. The full video with the reaction is below for people to make their own minds up about it.

The interview did move on to talk about a funny picture found online, but it seems that Lawrence will never forgive Robinson for the Homeland spoiler she heard while on the red carpet.



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