Jennifer Lawrence’s Playbook – Actors Take Note

Jennifer Lawrence’s Playbook - Actors, Take Note

Actors should take note of Jennifer Lawrence’s playbook – precisely, how she’s navigating her way through a career often ripe with pitfalls amidst the amplifying effect of social media. In a relatively short timeframe, Lawrence’s popularity has come to dominate the Hollywood landscape, while she has emerged unscathed from negative tabloid fodder and scandal.

She Picks Acting Roles with Diversity

She’s not just a pretty face. In fact, the finesse and gravity with which she inherits her roles is startling. And she knows how to pick them too, choosing films with a breadth of character diversity has proved her acting mettle to a wide audience. Independent movies? Check. Action heroine in a major movie series? Check. Drama? Check.

Actors ought to take note of the choices in Jennifer Lawrence’s playbook which have displayed her range and refusal to be typecast as a ditzy bombshell or romantic lead, which certainly gets old over time.

In her most recent award-winning role, American Hustle, she breathes life to Rosalyn Rosenfeld, the technologically-inept, neurotic, sometimes naïve and scheming wife of an American con man. Remembering her real age – 23 – she pulls off the role with a comedic angst better than most actresses double her age. Besides having acting chops, actors should take note of Jennifer Lawrence’s ability to pick her own roles – and consider her strategies for their own playbook.

She Can Act – with Accolades

She began acting in her teens, and by 2010, was nominated by the New York Times as one on the shortlist of “50 people to watch.” Watch, indeed – by then, she had already gone on to act with big-league names such as Charlize Theron in The Burning Plain.

Lawrence has been recognized for her work in a number of roles – gathering an Academy Award nomination for Winter’s Bone in 2011, and winning for Silver Linings Playbook in 2013. Will she win this year’s Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for American Hustle? If the Golden Globes are any prediction – after taking home the win for best supporting actress – bets aren’t against her. Whether she wins or not, her acting playbook has already amassed a number of nominations and awards that most young actors her age would kill for.

Ease in front of the camera – and in public

In this digital, social media obsessed age, a film star is not just a film star on the screen. They are walking publicity machines for paparazzi who are watching and waiting for their every move, on and off screen.

One can name a number of actresses whose private personas certainly don’t reflect a great love for the paparazzi. Lawrence’s name doesn’t come up on this hit list, though – a smart move for someone who doesn’t want to become an object of ridicule with a love-hate relationship with the media (there are a few unfortunate actresses who come to mind here).

And when embarrassing moments do come – on a global scale, mind you – as she tripped up the stage in 2013 to receive her Best Actress Oscar trophy, she recovered with lightning speed, laughing it off and starting her speech without a hitch. No, that one wasn’t planned.

Likability Factor

The striking thing about Lawrence is, despite her veritable rise to fame and becoming a Hollywood star, she still seems down to Earth…and genuinely likable. Voters shared this sentiment with the US radio station, iHeartRadio, who ran a poll on ‘the most likeable woman in Hollywood.’ Lawrence (17.7%) was second only to Ellen DeGeneres (35.1%). Lawrence is followed by Emma Stone, who achieved a 13.4% third-place rating.

Lawrence’s likeability factor is so strong that people have even broken down what makes her so endearing to, well, pretty much everyone. According to brand blogger Mandy Kilinskis, “She’s funny, relatable, everyone wants to be her best friend…she’s self-aware and confident.” Jennifer Lawrence’s body of work has only begun, and both the public and her actor colleagues should continue to take note and look forward to whatever else she’s got lined up in her playbook.

By Joscelyne Yu


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