Jilted Mother Kills Daughters Then Self in Murder-Suicide

Mother commits murder-suicide after ex-fiance leavesKyler Ann Ramsdell-Olivia and her two daughters were found dead in their home from gunshot wounds, just one day after a break up with her fiancé. Police believe on Tuesday evening the Utah mother shot and killed her young daughters before turning the gun on herself in a tragic murder-suicide.

The bodies of the victims; 32-year-old Kyler, 13-year-old Kenadee, and 7-year-old Isabella were identified by Officer Erin Behm and have been taken to the State Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsy.

Behm said there’s no record of officers having been called to the home other than the previous night when the couple broke up. Monday evening officers supervised an exchange of property between Kyler and her ex-lover, who was moving out.

According to law enforcement Kyler and her ex-fiancé had moved into the home approximately three months prior. A friend, Mike Kirby, said they moved from southern California to Utah. About 18 months ago Kyler moved to California from Utah because she landed a great job with a software company there. Her parents also lived in California.

Kyler and her ex-fiancé, whom she dated for nearly three years, maintained a long distance relationship throughout her transition to California. Kyler and her daughters recently moved back to Utah because her job allowed her the freedom to work remotely.

Although police had no reports of any problems at the address other than Monday night, neighbors say there were “frequent” domestic issues at the home.

Police were called to the home on Tuesday evening close to 7 p.m. after a neighbor reported hearing shots fired. The ex-fiancé, who had just arrived to finish moving items he left the night before, was found outside the home in shock over what had happened. Witnesses said the man was distraught and kept mumbling, “Why did she do that?”

After the former fiancé was interviewed, along with other family members and witnesses, Syracuse Police ruled out any involvement from him in the murders.

On January 9 Kyler posted a status, what now appears to have been a cryptic message, on her Facebook wall which indicated that she was experiencing some type of relationship issues. She penned,

There are always two sides to every story, remember the next time you want to judge someone else’s reality that you don’t walk in their shoes or see through their eyes. I hate people who feel like they have a right to get in between a relationship and give their opinion or try to fix it. You aren’t in that relationship for a reason so don’t get between it. Focus on your own problems and life. Then she added, “Feeling annoyed.

Later she added another comment, “Sometimes I wish I weren’t right it would be much easier to just mindlessly go through life. I’d probably cause a lot less problems.”

Kyler’s friend, Judy Bergen, said for a mother who seemed happy, the murders are completely out of character. She said there’s a feeling like this isn’t real.

Kirby said Kyler had a fun and bubbly personality. This is so confusing because she was such a fun person. Kirby said Kyler would come to his home occasionally to watch football with her fiancé. He didn’t know of any serious problems. Kirby said he’d only heard that she was financially secure in addition to many great things about her family in California.

Kyler had just thrown an ocean-themed party last week for Isabella’s birthday. Kirby said everybody seem fine and happy at the party. Then he started seeing shocking “break up” posts on Facebook and all of a sudden this happens. Kirby said it’s beyond shocking.

Bergen, who is a child care worker, started watching Kenadee more than 10 years ago. Later, she began watching Isabella as well. Bergen, who had not seen the family since they returned to Utah, said Isabella loved to dance and sing and Kenadee was an awesome swimmer.

In what has left family, friends and a community in shock, Kyler Ann Ramsdell-Olivia and her two young daughters were found dead from gunshot wounds just one day after she broke up with her fiancé. Police have reason to believe this Utah mother shot and killed Kenadee and Isabella before turning the gun on herself in a tragic murder-suicide.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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