Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Liars in America (Video)

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Jimmy Kimmel has been on the late night television scene since 2003. Several years later in 2013, ABC moved the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to an earlier time slot to compete with additional late night talk show hosts. To enhance ratings, a new segment was produced and launched, showing one specific truth: Lie Witness News continually exposes liars in America.

While the aspect of the segment is sure to draw significant laughs, it also stirs the thought – how do these individuals speak openly before a camera, when it is a blatant lie? Some create a groan, others leave a wondrous “omg, did you just say that?” feeling. After all, these individuals stem from all walks of lives, especially in the richly diverse city of New York City.

Kimmel is effectively drawing the laughs, but he is also drawing forth speculation by exposing liars in America. While some of the topics are more light-hearted like the below iPhone 5S segment – this video came prior to the new release of the iPhone 5S, others are definitely more thought-provoking.

In addition, to spotting the individuals who was not as keen on Apple products as they thought – Lie Witness News caught a bigger discrepancy. President Obama held his State of the Union address on January 28. Kimmel decided to send his correspondent to the streets a full day before the Union address was scheduled to air. The segment would cover what individuals thought of the State of the Union address. Some of the comments were pretty hysterical, but it also cast a light of concern. Are individuals just as woefully uninformed of current, political news, especially during appointments and elections?

Back-tracking several months previous, it appears the answer is a resounding yes. This past summer, Kimmel’s correspondent hit the streets to get the reaction of an “Obama appointment.” The never happened appointment used a celebrity judge as an example – the reactions alone causes winces and groans.

Further yet is the underlying bigger issue. These individuals are confident and sure in their answers, barely a blip crosses their mind of inconsistencies. Dr. Lisa Firestone from Psychology today reviewed engagements from professionals in the industry. It showed a startling truth; people lie to one another, up to 100 times daily. Seemingly, there is a mutual, unstated acceptance between people to just accept partial truths.

While it is pretty funny when encountering the iPhone, or a Justin Bieber moment (or maybe just a sad moment?):

It is not as funny when it comes to the political climate in the country. Between depressed economic outlooks and a clear partisan divide in Washington and beyond – the one area of expertise for Americans, should be politics. Or at least aware enough to know who the Justices are, or who the main staple players are, etc. This writer is a huge fan of Jimmy Kimmel Live and finds the Lie Witness News segment hysterical. There is definite concern when it comes to laughing over the naive response of an iPhone versus the President’s State of the Union address.

One thing is for certain, Kimmel has exposed liars in America. In a city as diverse as New York, many of the individuals speak so confidently, one would unlikely question them unless the facts were known.  Thoughts on the responses or general thoughts on the segment? Share in the comments. This article closes out with an epic Lie Witness News video of the IRS, Obama and Benghazi. Oh, and avoid a jaw drop when the pink is seen.


 Angelina Bouc

Psychology Today



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