AT&T CES Party Crashed by T-Mobile CEO John Legere to See Macklemore

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As a long-time techie, this reporter subscribes to certain tech outlets, one favorite outlet, CNET is now added to the extra-cool kids list, after reporter Roger Cheng snapped a picture with John Legere. Legere is the the infamously robust CEO of T-Mobile and he was willing to take a selfie with Cheng, even tossing up rabbit ear fingers. Cheng tweeted the pic, after all it was pretty amazing. There was just one issue – Legere had crashed the AT&T CES party and reportedly, pretty easily.

Legere has been getting under the skin of the largest GSM carrier for sometime. He has an in-your-face approach that is pretty awesome. He made a splash on the scene when he announced his Uncarrier phases and continues to create new ways to stun competitors. He wears a pink t-shirts with T-Mobile’s symbol front and center, proudly. He is known for wearing jeans and sending out provocative tweets. Like the one he sent out to AT&T’s Randall Stephenson, after AT&T announced the  credits for transferring, specifically for T-Mobile customers.

John Legere T-Mobile CEO Crashes AT&T CES Party

This is a world away from the T-Mobile known back in 2011. A landmark deal was declined by regulators for AT&T to acquire T-Mobile. The fourth largest carrier took its most wanted spectrum airspace and $6 billion and did something amazing. They became a problem for their competitors. From offering global roaming unlimited to eliminating the contract – which created a trend in the industry, Legere is kicking digital arse and taking names. Now it seems he finished off his ability to poke at AT&T by infiltrating their invite only CES celebration.

Back to the party! Cheng was headed into the AT&T CES party when he ran into Legere and his entourage which included CFO Braxton Carter. The executive pair had a mission – they simply wanted to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform. Their only obstacle? The singing acts were slated to perform for AT&T’s guests in attendance and that came with an invite. Not surprisingly, Legere did not make the list. The unconventional CEO wore his trademark pink T and zipped a leather jacket over his shirt.

CNET reporter snaps selfie with Legere
CNET reporter snaps selfie with Legere

The trio of troublemakers made their way into the party, relatively easy, states Cheng. Once inside the party, Cheng snapped a picture of the dynamic CEO and sent it viral. That did not bode well for AT&T and as Legere called them, “big goons” came to escort him out of the party. One has got to love Legere’s devil-may-care attitude. He unfortunately did miss Macklemore, especially since it was the rapper’s agent who bestowed the tickets to Legere. The charismatic executive did miss another next bit of AT&T news after he was kicked out from the party. AT&T’s mobile unit announced they just signed a deal with Audi to provide LTE connection to the car manufacturer. The contract was previously held by none other than T-Mobile.

There is a fierce level of competition between these two companies and customers are lapping it up. This is the kind of competition that drives sales, as it drives consumer interest. Legere brings a sense of excitement and more notably, a fire of intense competition. It has shaken the largest GSM carrier to respond, in a way that has not been seen since the inception of Verizon Wireless. Legere is expected to take the CES stage on Wednesday to uncover their final phase of Uncarrier.

Cheng may be getting narrowed eyes from AT&T, but he captured a picture of the ages. John Legere, T-Mobile’s CEO crashed AT&T’s CES party. In addition, a nifty picture was taken to share throughout social media. Cheng definitely provided the talk of the town – just one bit of advice; what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


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