Jonah Hill Leonardo DiCaprio Bromance Moment [Video]

Jonah Hill Leonardo DiCaprio Bromance Moment

Just when it seems like Saturday Night Live has lost some of its panache regarding guest hosts, they trot out Jonah Hill who then has a Leonardo DiCaprio bromance moment. Not to take away from Hill’s monologue, which you can see in the video below, because Hill was doing what he does best, being the big little man everyone loves to bust on.

The “unintentional” yet obviously scripted question and answer session right at the start of Jonah’s monologue, which included an obvious Brad Pitt “clone” who sang Hill’s praises, had the Oscar nominated actor acting the big shot and totally dissing his co-star DiCaprio.

Of course who drops by, but Leo himself. Cue big reaction from audience and cue monologue segueing into comedic interaction. DiCaprio calmly chastises his co-star for “bigging himself up” after revealing that he heard Hill backstage. The two actors then “make up” and re-enact the iconic Titanic moment with Rose and Jack on the front of the ship. “Am I flying Jack?”

The very short monologue by flavor-of-the-moment Hill was spot on and even before the entrance of DiCaprio, who is a perennial favorite of film fans everywhere, was “killing it” in terms of comedy. The biggest surprise was that Leonardo was very good stepping into his part of “straight man” and playing along with Hill’s moment.

Leonardo DiCaprio also got to do the “closing shout” and afterward the two shared a bromance moment with Jonah Hill giving him a huge hug. Quite possibly this could be counted as one of the best opening monologues in Saturday Night Live this season.

Hill is on a career high at the moment. He has been headlining recently for his performance in The Wolf of Wall Street. The 30 year-old actor told how he took the Screen Actor Guild base rate, which was $60,000 just for the chance to work with DiCaprio and Hollywood directing legend Martin Scorsese.

In interviews earlier in the week, Hill spoke about snorting so much powdered vitamin D that he caught bronchitis. Due to his character’s overindulgence in cocaine snorting on screen the Hollywood substitute made him quite ill. Apart from learning that snorting powdered vitamin D is bad for you, it was interesting to find out just how Hollywood went about “faking” cocaine use.

Jonah Hill was rewarded for his drop in pay by earning his second Academy Award nomination in two years. In 2012 he was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting role for his work in the Brad Pitt film Moneyball, hence the reason that the faux Pitt was in the Saturday Night Live audience to help “big” Hill up.

The actor earned his second Oscar gong for his work in The Wolf of Wall Street and according to Hill, the bronchitis and the drop in pay was worth it, not only because of the Academy Award nomination, but, for the chance to work with two screen legends.

The Jonah Hill Leonardo DiCaprio bromance moment at the end of Hill’s Saturday Night Live opening monologue was touchingly funny. It was brilliant to see the audience’s surprised and excited reaction when the Oscar winning actor turned up on stage with his “Wall Street” co-star. It was just as brilliant to see Hill’s apparent gratitude and delight in sharing his limelight on SNL. Check it out in the video below.

By Michael Smith


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