Jude Law Sold Out by Close Relative

Jude Law
In a startling revelation, Jude Law learned today that he was sold out by a close relative. Law’s personal information is a small part of a greater pool of raw celebrity data that allegedly had been collected by News of the World journalists with direct orders from the company’s elite. In the most recent chapter of the trial, Law testified and discovered the true gravity of the hacking allegations.

The accusations leveled against News of The World have been a huge focus in the United Kingdom, and around the world, since they came to light in 2011. Celebrities, politicians, journalists and even victims of crimes and terrorist attacks are the purported victims of the widespread phone hacking that stunned the world.

The trial of two former head editors, Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, began in October 2013. Both Coulson and Brooks deny all charges against them, although several investigators for the defunct News of the World point the blame to Coulson and Brooks.

On top of this, News of the World tabloids and subsidiaries are not the only news organizations accused of phone hacking. Rival organizations, including Trinity Mirror PLC, are embroiled in the controversies as mutual investigators have pleaded guilty to spying for both.

Before Law testified at the trial, accusations and evidence were presented against the defendants. Large swaths of data relating to Law, including phone numbers, voice mail messages, and assorted notes, were found in the possession of one News of the World investigator, who also admitted to illegally obtaining the information.

The defense argued that this information was not necessarily obtained through illegal means. Attorneys for the defendants argued that it was not phone hacking that acquired the boatloads of information, but rather leaks from an associate of Jude Law.

Law’s testimony is perhaps the most high-profile to date, and also one of the most dramatic. Learning that a close relative had taken a bribe from the media to divulge details possibly relating to an affair involving his ex-girlfriend Sienna Miller and Daniel Craig, Law expressed surprise, having only learned of the bribe allegations via a note passed to him in court. Law received the note shortly before testifying himself, thus learning that he had been sold out.

It also seems that the press had a tremendous amount of information about Law’s day-to-day affairs. Law claimed that private meetings were not so private as the media would often be hounding him before he arrived at secret locations. Following his argument, it stands to reason that Law believes the phone hacking was widespread and ongoing. Law alleges that the press knew “an unhealthy amount” about his private life.

As court proceedings continue, it is yet to be seen if more bombshells will be dropped. Law’s testimony will be remembered for a number of things. The lead prosecutor essentially joked that Law was a man who needs no introduction due to his high-profile acting career, but it is likely that other notable celebrities will bring that same star factor to the already well-publicized proceedings. Regardless, being sold out by a close relative is a strange turn of events for anyone, let alone a world-class actor like Jude Law.

By Brett Byers-Lane


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