Justin Bieber Arrested After Turning Himself In

BieberJustin Bieber was arrested Wednesday, January 29, after turning himself in for an assault altercation with a Toronto limo driver in late December. Bieber and his 5 colleagues were picked up by the limo driver after he and his entourage watched a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game and went to a club. The altercation reports the pop singer repeatedly hit the limo driver in the head following a disagreement. The limo driver was said to have stopped the limo to call the police, giving Bieber and his entourage an opportunity to escape. It has also been reported that the limo driver has quit his limo servicing job due to the shock the incident caused him. The limo driver did not need to go to the hospital for injury treatment.

Bieber was brought into the Toronto police station Wednesday night, surrounded by media crews and screaming fans. Bieber has recently been charged for drag-racing under the influence, and non-violent resisting arrest in Miami last Thursday, to which he has pleaded not guilty. It was reported that the pop star was driving nearly twice the speed limit under an expired license, in a rented yellow Lamborghini. He would later confess he partook in the consumption of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription pills before being arrested on the streets of Miami. Bieber was able to post bail for the Miami incident with a $2500 bond. It has not been reported that alcohol was involved in the recent assault altercation. It is also unclear why Bieber turned himself in, nearly a month after the altercation with the limo driver.

The Boyfriend singer’s recent criminal record has created a significant backlash for the young star. There has been a growing online sensation to see the pop-star deported back to Canada from his home in Los Angeles, California. A White House petition for the young star deportation has reached over 100,000 thousand signatures, the mandatory amount for a government investigation. The petition describes the pop star as a drug induced, reckless, lost cause and should be deported back to his homeland before he negatively influences any more of America’s youth.

With Bieber being arrested for assault Wednesday night, it seems likely he will receive a less severe punishment for turning himself in. Bieber, with a notice to appear in court, is scheduled to meet with Toronto judges on March 10. It is also almost certain that the petition for his deportation does not hold any real legal weight.

The pop sensation, who was formally known for his teen heart melting records, is now being exiled for his criminal record. The pop star put himself and others at risk of real danger with his automobile stunt in Miami. His altercation, an act of assault, continues this trend of putting others in harm. After turning himself in, Bieber will have to stay on top of his actions to make sure he is not arrested again. Like most pop stars, the young sensation will probably have to go through rehab to ensure the safety of himself and others and to gain the full respect back from his fans.

By Zane Foley





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