Justin Bieber Escapes Banishment from Miami Heat

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 One piece of good news for Justin Bieber this week, the owner of the Miami Heat has publicly stated the troubled pop star has not been banned from the Miami Heat games. E! News reported that Justin was denied his usual court side seats to the Heat game due to the negative attention he has brought upon himself the last week. These claims have been reported false, Miami’s owner Mickey Arison has called these statements simply ridiculous, and has said Bieber is always welcome to the Heat’s games.

The pop icon was arrested early Thursday morning on Jan. 23rd, for driving while under the influence of alcohol, resisting arrest and driving without a valid drivers license. Bieber believers need not worry though, the star faced the court judge not an hour of being jailed and was released on $2,500 bond. Whether if it was true or not, Bieber did not attend the Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers game. To no avail though; Beiber’s non presence did not affect the outcome of the game. The Miami Heat went on to beat the Lakers, 109-102.

Justin Bieber’s impact of not attending the Heat games will not directly affect the team as much as Dwayne Wade’s injury will. Miami is looking to be the first NBA franchise to win three Championships in a row since the Los Angeles Lakers from 2000-2002. Right now the Miami Heat trail only the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference  by three games. Pushing near the All Star break and half way through the year, the Miami Heat are close to making their next push to being a dynasty. Bieber’s banishment or not will not affect how the Heat will approach their next run in the playoffs.

Justin Bieber was not the only star to be removed from games in Miami before unfortunately. Rap star Lil’ Wayne was also barred from his court side seats, coincidentally against the Los Angeles Lakers as well. The murky news surrounding the Beebs has not really seemed to sway him much from his publicity or his attitude. Just a day after his arrest he was seen leaving his rented out mansion, signing autographs for his supporters and flaunting a huge grin on his face for the picture takers and paparazzi.

No matter the kind of  attention and chagrin of supporters and sponsors; Bieber will always be a highly viewed upon and criticized celebrity. From speed racing on the streets of Miami in Lamborghini’s or granted wishes with the Make a Wish Foundation, for many of his unfortunate beliebers; his movements will either make or break the future of the beloved pop star. One thing is for sure that music industry has always used the imprisonment of young stars to their advantage, and used it as a selling point for young up and comers and rappers. Not knowing the direction Bieber may take as of now, but this may be beneficial in different genres of music with many areas to grow for Bieber. Justin Bieber escaping banishment from the Miami Heat may not mean much in the short run; but it is a positive step, in the growth and maturation of the young pop singer.


by Justin Huffman


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