Justin Bieber Has Valentine’s Day Date With Judge


Justin Bieber’s arraignment on charges stemming from his alleged DUI and drag racing antics in Miami will be on Feb. 14, according to court records. The special date before a judge will no doubt make this Valentine’s Day one to remember for the young and troubled superstar.

Beiber was arrested last Thursday when he was reportedly drag-racing in his rented yellow Lamborghini against fellow singer and pal, Khalil Amir Sharif after a night of clubbing. The 19-year-old is believed to have blown a .014 on his breathalyzer test after being taken into custody. Arresting officers reported that he resisted the arrest, cursing at them and failing his roadside sobriety test. A Miami Beach Police Sgt. has been quoted as saying that Bieber might not have been drunk, but that he was clearly under the influence of “a combination of cannabis, alcohol and prescription drugs” at the time of his arrest. Bieber was quickly released on bond following his arrest and has been seen since lounging and living the good life on the beaches of Panama.

The exact nature of the charges to be brought against the pop star at the time of his Valentine’s Day date with the judge is not known at this time. The charges will be revealed by prosecutors from the State Attorney’s office at the time of his arraignment. Officials have been quick to deny any allegations that all charges against Bieber have been dropped, in fact, they have simply not been officially filed because Bieber has yet to be arraigned.

Some reports have emerged that the police case against Bieber is not quite as strong as it was believed to be initially, but police deny that this is true. Sources have reported that a device in the rental car that Bieber was operating shows that he was not likely drag-racing as has been alleged. Neighbors in his exclusive Calabasas, California neighborhood believe the allegations, however, as they claim to have been plagued by this kind of behavior from the Biebs for quite some time.

Bieber’s relatively low reported blood alcohol level has led to speculation that he may not be charged with a DUI as well. Unfortunately for Bieber, he is under the legal drinking age, so any amount of alcohol present in his system is likely to land him in hot water.

Miami isn’t the only place that Bieber may be answering to a judge soon either. The investigation into his involvement in the egging of his neighbor’s mansion that caused a reported $20,000 in damage is ongoing as well and has the potential to involve felony counts. Lest anyone forget, there was also a search warrant executed at the teen sensation’s home as a result of the egging incident and large amounts of a variety of drugs were reportedly seized. Though Bieber has not yet been charged with any crime relating to the drugs, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that charges could still be levied.

For fans of Bieber hoping to run in to the notorious performer at the time of his date with the judge on Valentine’s Day, not so fast. It is likely that he will send only his attorney to appear on his behalf, and it seems doubtful that the judge will be disappointed to be stood up by the troubled star. His attorney is expected to enter a plea of not guilty for Bieber, with more court appearances to follow.

By Michele Wessel

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