Justin Bieber Is Suspect in Vandalism Investigation

Justin Bieber is Suspect in Vandalism Investigation

Justin Bieber has been a suspect in a vandalism investigation because Los Angeles police received an emergency call on Thursday night about 7:40 p.m. from a neighbor of Bieber’s. The man alleged that the singer, age 19, had been tossing eggs at his house stated a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The unnamed homeowner stated that he could not understand why Bieber went after him and his daughter.

All this started around 7:30 p.m. The man stated that he and his daughter were in their house when they started hearing something smack against their home. They believed it was rocks hitting their windows. They moved to their outdoors balcony and saw Bieber standing in their front yard. He was throwing eggs at their house.

The homeowner continued with saying that he screamed at Bieber and then he yelled back at him. Bieber allegedly screamed that he had more eggs for the homeowner and began smashing more against the house. That was when the homeowner rushed to call police authorities. He explained that his daughter was extremely frightened of having any eggs thrown at her. This action was totally unprovoked because the homeowner and daughter had not seen Bieber in many months. He stated he had no idea what made Bieber do such a thing.

Justin Bieber might end up facing a misdemeanor charge, but the Sheriff’s Department stated that if police investigators discovered that any damage ended up going over a certain dollar amount, Bieber’s charge could be moved up to a felony. They have placed various videos and photographs as evidence to use in the investigation, the spokesperson added.

In one of the videos that the police have, it is believed that it is of the neighbor who called police and also Bieber shouting at each other as the person believed to be Bieber continued to throw eggs at the neighbor’s home. However, the film is too dark to see if it really is Bieber on tape.

This particular call is not the first run-in that Bieber has had with the police in the last few months. Brazilian police officials wanted to talk with Bieber in November of 2013 because of graffiti that the pop singer had allegedly sprayed all over a wall of a former hotel. Bieber only responded by stating that he got approval for each place he destroyed or marked up.

On Friday, the Los Angeles Sheriff stated to the public that they did indeed receive an emergency phone call at around 7:30 p.m. from the alleged victim. The sheriff’s office agreed that Justin Bieber is the main suspect in the case. The charge, so far, is a misdemeanor of vandalism and is presently under deep police study.

Because of Bieber’s number of prior run ins with the law due to spitting, speeding and all those other things that have happened in his neighborhood alone, the prosecuting attorneys are going to be taking an extremely close look at this law breaking episode and if they believe they can prove this case. If they think they can, then Justin Bieber will be facing serious criminal charges. It would probably be very smart for Bieber to lay low for a while and attempt to be a good play mate with his neighbors.

Not one of Justin Bieber’s representatives had any comments for the public on the egg tossing incident drama. Bieber had better be more careful and stop being a suspect in so many vandalism investigations if he does not eventually want some criminal charges against him.

By Kimberly Ruble


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