Justin Bieber Moving Out?

Justin BieberJustin Bieber may be moving out of his Los Angeles home, according to gossip site TMZ. The star has reportedly been in talks to put his home on the market, and it may have something to do with the police raids of his home.

The police have been raiding Bieber’s home for surveillance footage of the egg-throwing incident, at the start of the month. While there, they reportedly found stashes of drugs, indicating the Canadian singer has a drug problem. The 19-year-old has been accused of throwing eggs at one of his neighbor’s homes, causing around $20,000 worth of damage. However, he has only been questioned and a warrant was served to find the proof.

This was not the first time the singer had a run in with the police, but it seems to be the final straw for him. He wants out of the neighborhood. Could it also be that he wants to move on from his rocky lifestyle, after having a sit-down with mentor Usher? It seems perfect timing for that.

Another question of timing is the fact that Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly moving into one of the homes in the neighborhood. She bought it off ex-NFL player Keyshawn Johnson. Johnson and Bieber have had run-ins in the past, and maybe life won’t be as interesting for the young singer without the football player on the street. Could that be part of the reason why Bieber is considering moving out?

Questions were raised about the timing of Johnson moving out. It was just after Bieber’s stint with the eggs and his DUI. However, Johnson made it very clear, in an interview with Sean Brace and Jon Marks, that the decision to move had been a long-time coming. He was thinking about it long before the 19-year-old Baby singer turned into “Dennis the Menis.”

Johnson did take to Twitter, shortly after Bieber’s arrest. He couldn’t help but make it clear that they “finally” had him, stating that people have to grow up somehow. His main comments were directed at the adults who were with the singer at the time, questioning why they never stopped him.

Johnson’s “finally” comment comes from a previous run-in, when Bieber was driving down the streets of the neighborhood at high speeds. Johnson had been driving with his child in the car, when Bieber sped past him. Reportedly, Johnson was so furious that he took his child into the house before chasing after the teenager. There were a number of witnesses, but nothing happened to Bieber at the time.

One of those witnesses was Eric Dickerson, who also took to Twitter after the singer’s arrest for DUI and drag racing. He also seemed relieved that the star had “finally” been caught. There is reportedly no ill-will between these neighbors, but Bieber’s actions have caused some tension. They simply wanted him to slow down, and Johnson reportedly hopes that his arrest will mean that he gets his life back on track. It’s likely that some people in the neighborhood, like the neighbor who had the eggs thrown at him, won’t be sad to hear that Bieber may be moving out.

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