Justin Bieber Really Was Under the Influence

Justin Bieber

When Justin Bieber was arrested on January 23, he really was driving under the influence. This toxicology reports have come back to show that the Baby singer had a mixture of prescription medications and weed in his system, just as the police said he admitted.

Question raised over the arrest of the 19-year-old with some people saying that he was innocent. They claimed he was never speeding in the first place, and questioned the legitimacy of the police report. Miami police released a video to show video footage of the drag racing and have now released the results of the toxicology report to back up their claims.

Bieber was initially pulled over for drag racing down a residential area in Miami at around 4:30 a.m., but was soon found to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He was driving a yellow Lamborghini, which was clocked  between 55 and 60 m.p.h in a 30 m.p.h. zone. After being pulled over, he admitted to the DUI and was arrested on the spot.

After his questioning, he was found to be driving without a valid license and resisted arrest without violence. He has since plead not guilty, despite initially admitting to part of the charges against him. The prosecution now have the toxicology reports that show Bieber really was under the influence of weed and Xanax, a drug for anxiety.

He also took a breathalyzer test, where he blew less than the legal maximum of 0.2 for drivers under the age of 21.

There were already suspicions that Xanax was in his system before the toxicology report. His urine tests shows that there was Alprazolam and THC were in his system. Both of these are in the prescription drug. When he was arrested, reportedly he explained he had taken the drugs because his mom had given them to him.

Xanax and weed were the only two drugs found. The report shows that he did not have any cocaine, opiates or other harder drugs in his system. However, that may not appease those who want him to be deported and have his green card revoked.

Shortly after the announcement of Bieber’s arrest, a petition was started on WhiteHouse.gov to have the 19-year-old Canadian deported. It has since reached 100,000 signatures, which means that someone from the Oval Office must look at the petition and answer it. Two days after the creation of the petition, another one was started by fans of the singer stating that he was only human and it was not fair on him. That has not been doing quite so well.

Since the petition, Bieber was arrested in Toronto, Canada, for assault after reportedly turning himself in. The reason for the arrest dates back to just before the New Year and involved a limo driver who was repeatedly hit over the back of his head after an altercation with his passengers.

The Canadian’s legal battles are still ongoing in both Toronto and Miami. This toxicology report will go towards the prosecution’s evidence in his Miami case to prove that Bieber really was driving under the influence at the time of his arrest.

By Alexandria Ingham


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