Justin Bieber Runs Away to Panama

bieberJustin Bieber surely must have been getting too hot from the media glare that’s been beating on him relentlessly since his arrest for DUI and drag racing on Thursday. This, coupled with Miami’s famed warmth, might have forced him to run away to Panama. Miami is but a short plane ride away.

Bieber landed in Punta Chame, Panama, Saturday morning, apparently for some sun and fun. According to TMZ, he was accompanied by female friend Chantel Jeffries, who was with him the night of his arrest. There were photos of them together in his yellow Lamborghini that night. It is not known who else accompanied Bieber on his Panama trip. The first mention of Bieber showing up in Panama was on Twitter, where some people posted photos of Bieber with Jeffries sunning themselves on a beach and relaxing.

Jeffries is reportedly a 21-year-old model from San Diego with a misdemeanor assault on her record. This apparently stemmed from an incident where she stabbed someone in the arm. She has also been charged with reckless driving in the past.

Several fan accounts on Twitter emerged after Bieber landed in Panama. He was seen at the airport going through security with Jeffries, scenes of which some fans snapped photos. Fans photographed the pop singer and supposed “bad girl” model in the water at the beach and Bieber rubbing her back. Twitter account Robert Menegoni tweeted that there was a slight delay in Panama due to the surprise appearance of Bieber at the airport, with paparazzi surrounding him and his entourage.

Published photos also show that Bieber’s father, Jeremy, accompanied him to Panama, which should raise some interesting questions about the sort of influence Jeremy has on the beleaguered 19-year-old singer. Jeremy was with Bieber when he was arrested, and was at the nightclub with him hours before the DUI arrest. Evidently, Bieber had been smoking weed all day Thursday and taken prescription drugs, with his father present. Which begs the question–where is Jeremy’s concern?

According to reports, Jeremy cleared a street in Miami Beach Thursday night so his son could drag race his Lamborghini with rapper Khalil Sharief, also 19. Jeremy was in another vehicle when the cops stopped Bieber. Judging from these reports, Jeremy cares not one whit about his son and glories in the fame and money.

On Friday, Bieber was apparently holed up in his party mansion in Miami all day, and did not emerge until late at night. Published photos show him beaming and greeting fans, and also loads of luggage. He may have arrived in Panama Friday night but the first report of his appearance was Saturday morning.

Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, has reportedly been trying to get his client to enter rehab for the past two weeks, to no avail. People appear to care about the troubled singer but it’s “a difficult situation.”

Bieber is surrounding himself with people who are a negative influence. Does he think he can escape this by running away to Panama? It is hoped the singer finds help before he gets into even more serious trouble with the law. He just may become his own worst enemy.

By Juana Poareo



Daily Mail

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