Justin Notorious Bieber What You Gonna Do Next? And to Whom?

Justin Notorious BieberStories about Justin (Notorious) Bieber are ubiquitous. And because of his very recent, and very public arrest in Miami Beach, Bieber fans would probably like to know: Justin (Notorious) Bieber, what you gonna do next? And to whom? Seemingly, Bieber has garnered the quasi-title as hip hop’s newest bad boy. Now he’s running with it in every direction, and fast.

The past year has been filled with highly publicized Bieber blowups and lock-downs.  His unflattering videos, tabloid pics, rude comments and nasty headlines have made him seem more like a public enemy than a pop star: Justin Bieber arrested for DUI and drag-racing.  Bieber spits. Bieber hooked on steroids.  Like Visa, Justin Bieber has been everywhere but doing bad!

Bieber’s once clean-cut image has been sullied by allegations that he has regular ganja smokefests with his homies, partakes in under-age drinking, tirelessly dallies with the ladies, and photos would suggest that he makes it rain (heavily) in the strip clubs. On several occasions, police have been called to the Bieber party palace because of  loud, all-night parties with unruly guests. Earlier this month, a neighbor accused Bieber of throwing eggs and defacing his property.  And again, police were called. Bieber has also been videotaped peeing in public, banishing all sense of modesty.

Moreover, Bieber has been known to resist arrest and become belligerent at the first attempt of incarceration.  As evidenced by his latest police mug shot, he unabashedly makes no apology for breaking the law. After Bieber’s release from jail last week, his manager, Scooter Braun, tweeted, “Been a long day.  The bottom line is, we are defined by how we handle adversity. Be there when it counts. Love fully in good times and bad.”

On Jan. 23, Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. Though police reports indicate that he was also drag racing and driving too fast, they may not be accurate.  But add to this the irrefutable evidence, such as driving with an expired license and resisting arrest, and you have classic bad boy Bieber.

Of late, Bieber has been making his mark repeatedly, but not musically. He has been called everything from a bad boy to a spoiled brat.  Whether true or not, and whether you’re a Belieber or a Be-hater, call him anything you like, except broke. It is reported that the barely wet behind the ears singer has a net worth which hovers around $160 million.

Since emerging on the music scene in 2008, Bieber has been going strong ever since. Girls seem to love him.  Boys more than likely admire him, and whether good or bad, he doesn’t disappoint.  SEO sites are always abuzz to see what Justin (Notorious) Bieber is gonna do next? And to whom?

Even today, less than a week after his release from jail, Bieber is no longer in the United States.  Instead, he is vacationing on Punta Chame Beach, Panama, with several friends, his mother and Usher.

Whether he is relaxing in Panama or giving an unspoken F@#! you to the law for making him wear that orange jumpsuit, Justin (Notorious) Bieber does what he wants when he wants.  And just like Madonna, he is proof positive that Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of others.”

By D.B. Heggs-Alston


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