Ke$ha Joined in Rehab by Her Mom (Video)

Ke$ha Joined in Rehab by Her Mom

Ke$ha, it appears, will have company at the Timberline Knolls rehab facility in the Chicago area: her mother, Pebe Sebert. Ke$ha’s mother says that the reason she is checking into the facility is that she has “post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Ke$ha is at Timberline Knolls to be treated for a eating disorder that she claims was brought about by the music producer of her hit song “Tik Tok,” Dr. Luke, urging her to lose weight.

Dr. Luke allegedly requested that Ke$ha lose 15 pounds in 30 days, saying that she was as large as “a f**king refrigerator.” Also, according to Pebe, Dr. Luke said “he didn’t care if she shoved her hand down her throat or took illegal drugs, but she had to lose the weight.”

Why did Ke$ha ask Pebe to Join her in Rebab?

Pebe Sebert claims that the tremendous stress she is suffering has been brought about by Dr. Luke’s comments to Ke$ha and her having to deal with media questions about her daughter related to the eating disorder that was allegedly caused by Dr. Luke’s remarks to Ke$ha. She said that she decided to enter the Timberline Knolls facility “for post-traumatic stress disorder, at Ke$ha’s urging.”

Pebe explains that the entire situation allegedly brought about by Dr. Luke’s “refrigerator” remark “has almost torn our family apart and taken over my life, and Ke$ha wants me to heal along with her.”

Along with the remarks by music producer Dr. Luke, Pebe believes that Ke$ha’s recent romantic breakup from music video director Darren Craig might have had something to do with her daughter’s current ill health.

Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lucasz Gottwald, denies that he is the cause of whatever eating disorder Ke$ha has that led to her being admitted to the Timberline Knolls facility.

Ke$ha has stated that, though she’s “a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself,” the eating disorder she has developed due to Dr. Luke’s remarks has made it “hard to practice” so the Timber singer (in collaboration with Pitbull) said that she has checked herself into the Timberline Knolls facility on January 3 for 30 days in order “to learn to love myself again. Exactly as I am.”

Ke$ha, whose full name is Kesha Rose Sebert, stars in the MTV reality series Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life. Her mother, Pebe, has made several appearances on it. On October 30, the second season of the series debuted.

Ke$ha’s brother Lagan Sebert and filmmaker Steven Greenstreet shoot the MTV reality series which is about Ke$ha and documents the drama of the Your Love Is My Drug singer’s life. The second season debuted Oct. 30 on MTV.

Pebe said that she began to realize the Ke$ha might have an eating disorder when her daughter was shooting a music video and the costumes no longer fit her According to Pebe, she recalls the costume girl telling Ke$ha “Oh my God, this costume is getting really big!”

Ke$ha, her mother says, at first tried to brush off her weight loss and say that it was because “she was dancing a lot.”

However, the alleged comments of Dr. Luke and Ke$ha’s breakup from her boyfriend made the situation worse, according to Pebe, until the Die Young singer finally decided that she needed to get professional help for her eating disorder by checking into the Timberline Knolls facility.

This, in turn, eventually led to Pebe Sebert’s decision to also admit herself into the same facility. The Timberline Knolls facility is well-known for its quality professional medical services, so hopefully the 30-day stint there will do worlds of good for Ke$ha and her mother, Pebe, and they will then be able to put the whole affair behind them, and Ke$ha can get back to making the hit songs that have made her fans all around the globe.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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