Kendall Jenner the Next Kim Kardashian?


Kim Kardashian may have some competition from little sister Kendall Jenner as the up and coming teen approaches the status of America’s next “it girl.”

Some industry insiders report that the 18-year-old reality star and model is being groomed, along with little sister Kylie Jenner, to take over the Kardashian empire. As the older sisters, just keep getting, well…older, the young Jenner sisters may just be what the family needs to keep their fame and fortune going. With Kourtney already settled down, superstar Kim easing into motherhood and soon, marriage, and Khloe already going through a very grown-up divorce, Jenner may bring a new energy and some of the old excitement back to the family’s reality business.

So far, Jenner is certainly doing her part. Shortly after her 18th birthday last November, Jenner followed down the Kardashian sisters’ well-traveled “sex sells” path with a revealing series of photos posted to her Instagram account that included a number of skimpy bikini shots and at least one pose showing her wearing a sheer top that provided a full view of her breasts, nipples included. It’s no sex tape, but it certainly is a nod to the way that big sister Kim got her start with fame.

Jenner is also getting a lot of attention for her cozy relationship with 19-year-old heartthrob and One Direction front man, Harry Styles. The two have been spotted by paparazzi having dinner together, on a ski trip just this week in Mammoth, California and last night at an Eagles’ concert in Los Angeles. The rumored couple reportedly attended last night’s concert with Jenner’s older sister Khloe and  Kardashian/Jenner matriarch, Kris Jenner. Paparazzi even captured a photo of the pair engaging in what is reported to be their first public display of affection. The younger Jenner sister, Kylie, may have a celebrity relationship of her own going, as a connection with Jaden Smith has been rumored for the 16-year-old.

Many believe that it is Kardashian “momager” Kris Jenner who is the mastermind behind the positioning of Kendall Jenner and her little sister to replace Kim and the older crew on the reality scene. It has long been rumored that it has always been Kris Jenner that has been behind her daughters’ romantic links to celebrities and their ongoing presence in the spotlight.

Insiders have reported that the Jenner sisters accompanied their mother on projects focusing on Kim, and that she has made a point of introducing them to industry executives in hopes of furthering their careers. It has been alleged that Kris Jenner plays a great role in daughter Kendall’s burgeoning fashion career as well, assisting with the picking and choosing of which jobs she takes. A source says that “Kendall is headed for Vogue.”

As it turns out, the nipple-revealing photo that the she posted to Instagram was taken by a known Vogue photographer, and she has been photographed for a Miss Vogue cover in Australia, adding some credibility to the rumor that that may actually be the case.

Though some critics question whether Kendall Jenner has the staying power of big sister, Kim Kardashian, she does seem to be off to a successful start. Only time will tell if she will really be the next big thing.

By Michele Wessel


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