Kevin Durant has Monster Game

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant went off and had a monster game, as the Oklahoma City Thunder edge out the Golden State Warriors by a score of 127-121. The two highest scoring teams in the league put on an exceptional shooting display tonight, exchanging leads throughout the game. The Golden State Warriors stars did their best to keep up with Durant, Stephen Curry scoring 37 points and his counterpart Klay Thompson, went on to score 26 points. Kevin’s Thunder were just too much to handle. He, himself, amassed 54 points, which is the highest number of total points scored by a single player this year in the league. In fact, Durant has second through fourth place in the “highest total points” scored category this year as well. This has been a dominant year for him.

By the end of the game, the whole crowd was serenading Durant  with chants of ” M.V.P! M.V.P!”  Given Durant’s season thus far, many think that sounds just about right. Durant is averaging a career high in rebounds, steals, and assists while also averaging over 30 points per game for just the second time in his seven-year career. The 54 points Durant scored tonight marks the third time in his career that he has gone over the 50-point mark. Tonight’s performance turned out to be the highest total output of his NBA career. There’s have not been too many nights where any player puts up monster numbers like these, but Kevin Durant is certainly the most likely player to do so this year.

The Oklahoma City Thunder needed Durant to have a career year more than ever. While their second best player has been out for an extended period of time, and not much help in sight, Durant has had to carry this crew every night this season. Lebron James has publicly stated that he envies Kevin Durant, wishing the Miami Heat allowed him to have that much leniency in their offense. In his defense, Durant must lead a team without much secondary scoring, just to keep them atop the standings for a playoff berth.

Russell Westbrook’s injury has had more of an impact then Durant’s success shows. The Oklahoma City Thunder are a combined five and five since his injury, and have slipped from first in the standings to third.  Westbrook was averaging 21 points and 7 assists leading up to his injury. It is a very thick race at the top of the Western Conference in the NBA. Both the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets lead the Thunder in the standings, but they are very reachable in the chase for the NBA playoffs.

Kevin Durant’s game was amazingly efficient, and was one of the best and quickest shooting performances ever in the NBA. According to the stats, it only took three minutes and seventeen seconds of Durant having the ball, for him to score 54 points. In the short-term, they will need Kevin Durant to continue to have monster games as he has, at least until his partner in crime returns. Once Westbrook is back, the two might very well lead the team back to where they were earlier in the season, and seasons before; number one in the standings.

by Justin Huffman


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