Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna Post Selfies Viewers Claim Photoshop

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Kim Kardashian headed to the gym to complete her endeavor to lose weight and look great after the birth of her baby girl, North. It seems she connected with Blac Chyna, a former exotic dancer who is currently engaged to rapper Tyga. The ladies hit the powder room and decided to take some selfies of their bootylicious, hot bodies. Some viewers are stating the pictures were photoshopped while others are claiming the ladies look great. If the picture is legit, it seems Kardashian has already met her resolutions goal.

Photohopped or not?
Photohopped or not?

What has people in an uproar over the pictures? It appears there is some distortion to the photo that is typically seen when a picture is photoshopped. The door in the back shows a tinge of warp and that is all some need to call Kardashian a phony. The distortion is pretty minor, the reality starlet states she has lost about 50 pounds since giving birth to North West last summer. There is still admiration for the work Kardashian has put into looking good. Chyna and Kardashian are becoming fast BFFs after meeting at an event last year.

The former stripper has a body that matches the Kardashian princess, both gals are certainly well equipped in the derriere department and both are relatively new moms. Chyna and Tyga welcomed their first born son, King Cairo Stevenson in 2012 and even purchased matching tattoos of their son’s birth date.

With over 1.2 million Instagram followers, Chyna sharing a photo with the ever popular, reality darling is likely to make the news. From girls night to working out, the two ladies have been spending a lot of quality time together. In addition, they are looking to keep up in excellent shape. The picture shows off their fit abs and slim upper bodies, well that is, if the picture is not fake, per some peeps who are calling the picture photoshopped. As the gal-pals connect over workouts, many are wondering if a double wedding will soon be on the horizon. Chyna is engaged to her Young Money sensation and Kanye popped the big question to his reality princess this past October. Perhaps, the BFFs will soon be pouring over wedding books and determine custom size dresses to wear over their athletic curves.

Fake or not?
Fake or not?

Hopefully, Kardashian did not photoshop the pictures. Love her or hate her, she is a beautiful woman and has a goal to become fit and amazing. It appears Chyna’s side of the picture has no warp distortions and she rocks a curvaceous form. If Kardashian is continually aiming to her goal, there is no reason for the photoshop, moms across the country can certainly attest to the workout blues after giving birth to their babies.

Dressed in black tight pants, a sports bra and loose locks, Kardashian posed with BFF Chyna while they visited the gym today. The galpals decided to whip out a phone, curl into one another and offer demure faces as they posted rear shots to get heartbeats racing. The front facing picture is also receiving criticism on the warped door. Kardashian posted the photos on her Instagram page. That is when fans and not-so fans started reviewing the picture a bit closer and discovered the minor distortions. Did Kardashian photoshop her picture? Thoughts? Share in the comments.




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