Kim Kardashian Reveals Paris Wedding Plans

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian has revealed her plans for a Paris wedding. She made the announcement while talking to Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night.

Rumors started when Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted at the Palace of Versailles. The reality TV star was visiting Paris for Couture Week, and West was there with her. They decided that they wanted to see the Palace of Versailles, since neither had seen it in the past, and booked a private tour. When people saw them together, they believed the wedding would be there.

While dispelling the rumors, Kardashian did confirm that she would like to get married in Paris. However, they are only plans at the moment and no date or location was actually given. The 33-year-old wants to avoid a circus of fans and media turning up on the day, which is something that happened at the time of her second marriage to Kris Humphries, the NBA basketball player.

The reality TV star turned fashion designer explained that Paris is her second home. She spends plenty of time there for fashion shows. While on the show, Kardashian showed off one of her latest works of art. She was wearing a Dior dress that she had cut into two parts, creating a skirt and crop top.

Kardashian also revealed other plans for the wedding; mainly that both she and West were taking active roles in it. She explained to Kimmel that West knows what he wants and really wants to be a part of the planning stage. He will be handling the music, while Kardashian focuses on seating charts. Kardashian also revealed that it is making her life easier with him helping with the Paris wedding plans.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star did have to backtrack when talking about their hopeful wedding. She quickly mentioned that the hopeful part was about the location and not the fact that they would be getting married. Another thing she shared was that she would be taking her last name.

Guardian Liberty Voice has already reported about Kardashian taking West’s last name; and the fact that it was something he really wanted her to do. It would have been better for her professionally to keep her own name since she has already created a brand around it, but there are also many other benefits to taking her husband’s name.

The engaged couple were in Paris without seven-month-old North, who had been left with grandparents to look after her. Kardashian explained that they were living at her mums house while their house was being renovated, and they wanted some time together. While they went away for New Year, her mum was there with them and West requested some time for just the two of them. Paris was also too far away for North to travel.

The whole family has been very tight-lipped recently about the wedding. At the start of the month, Guardian Liberty Voice could only report that the wedding would hopefully be in the summer. Now, Kardashian has revealed more with the plans for a Paris wedding, but there is still a lot to organize and set before then.

By Alexandria Ingham

Los Angeles Times

Daily News

Guardian Liberty Voice

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