Kim Kardashian: Will Baby North Walk Her Down the Aisle or Crawl?

Kim Kardashian: Will Baby North Walk Her Down the Aisle or Crawl?

Kim Kardashian: Will Baby North Walk Her Down the Aisle or Crawl?

At first glance, the headline that Kim Kardashian wants baby North to walk her down the aisle, makes it seem as though Kanye West has a long time to wait before tying the knot, but, only till this summer when little North West may have to crawl with mommy down the aisle. Ever since Kim got blasted by fans posting “sexy” snaps on her Instagram instead of popping up pictures of her baby, Kardashian has taken a more maternal track; gushing about how much she loves her new daughter.

While the 33 year-old new mother is busily posting new snaps of her cute-as-a-button baby, she is still putting up Instagram selfies to keep her fans posted on how she looks after losing all that extra baby poundage. Kardashian cannot really be blamed for her avid self promotion; she is, after all, a television reality star who remains in the public eye more often than not.

Regardless of Instagram selfies, or pictures of Baby North, being posted on the Internet, Kim Kardashian has been talking about her “big day” when she walks down the aisle with baby North, who will be walking down with her, or crawling if the youngster has not “found her feet” yet. North is only 7 months-old, but, she will be 1 year old on June 1 and she’ll hopefully have learned the secret to putting one foot in front of the other by then.

It sounds like both Kim and her hubby-to-be, 36 year-old rapper and songwriter West, have counted on baby North being able to walk with Kardashian on the big day. The two went to Lorraine Schwartz, jewellery designer extraordinary, and asked her to make some very special footwear for the little princess. According to a source close to the couple, the shoes will be very special indeed.

It sounds like Kim and Kanye want to have a fairy tale wedding ceremony with baby North wearing, not glass, but diamond slippers on her feet. Apparently, it is not just Kim who wants their daughter to be a significant part of the ceremony. Kanye has said that he sees the baby as being a symbol of their love for each other.

After being spotted in France where they have been doing a little sight seeing around the area, looking at the Palace of Versaille and various hotels around Paris, it looks like the celebrity couple are looking at possible venues in which to hold their summer wedding ceremony. Sources close to the couple have said that they are really excited about the idea of having their nuptials in France.

Since Kim Kardashian is planning on baby North walking her down the aisle, or crawling along side of her if the secret of walking has eluded her daughter, she will most likely be looking at a late summer wedding. It makes sense that waiting a little longer after North’s first birthday will give her daughter extra time to practise that walk with her step-grandfather Bruce Jenner on the day. It looks like Kim and Kanye are set on getting married in France, but, they have not decided on the actual when.

By Michael Smith