Laxatives Have a Limited Lease

Laxatives Have a Limited Lease

Laxatives have a limited lease on whoever desires their effect, in the long run.  As much as discomfort may be, the one seeking relief and an enlightened feeling of ridding waste within their body, strives for a temporary fix to alleviate long term problems.  Laxatives are readily available at every drug store and grocery, but only provide a substitute for good diet and common sense.

Water, fruit and vegetables are the keys to healthy and needed bowel movements, even the rich and famous have to endure to survive.  As embarrassing as it is to discuss colon health and regular exportation of wastes, people tend to shy away from the basics of nature.  It just is a fact of life and hopefully everyday life as we carry on business engagements, appointments and household tasks.

Promoting natural waste removal with the use of laxatives can prove to be a dependent habit and an unhealthy risk.  Taking laxatives long term can even be deadly, depleting the system of natural hydration and good bacteria.  A way to lose weight is not always the diet drinks that promote extreme effects on the system, ridding enclosed layers of waste and debris.  They are good for a time, but yield to the regular intake of healthy and fiber-filled foods to do the job naturally.

Even beyond the star struck want-a-bees, the real stars that try to keep their status by physique, or the body builders and cheerleaders, diet is always a concern.  Even a daily ingestion of a false liquidator of odds can be harmful if used in the colon by a sodium phosphate laxative.  Other means of purging are not beneficial in the overall effect of unwanted bodily debris.

Some celebrities and models succumb to the demands of staying skinny.  They deplete their bodies for a gig or two and reap the benefits in unrewarded health costs down the road.  The efforts for the runway or red carpet do not go unnoticed as others gawk at their skeletal shells.  The gowns just hang in dismay of an unhealthy life, not even imagined or really appreciated by Hollywood standards.

Courting disaster in their bodies by portraying fictional characters are most unbelievable and dangerous in the long run.  Losing and gaining weight to get a role is quite amazing and easily used in today’s tactics.  The use of laxatives to achieve the desired effect are both eerie and unbecoming when you think of the long term health outcomes.

Laxatives are merely fake means to getting the lead out and in turn will become habit forming and unpleasant.  The lean and mean bodies we desire come from good food, lots of water and exercise.  Anything less is substandard and prone to unnatural means of expression.  We just can not eat whatever we want and still expect our bodies to cooperate.  It is just a given in the pyramid of foods, exercise and common sense to rid the body of wastes.  Laxatives are man-made and unforgiving in nature.  They have no place in the natural chain of events.  The false power they hold is only a venture into a wonderland of artificial remedy.

Laxatives can be helpful for a time, but hurtful in the long run.  Recognizing their limited power will hopefully point in directions of good food choices, natural diet and plenty of water along the way.  Laxatives have a limited lease, and most of the time, their time has already been used up.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon

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