Lily Tomlin Marries Partner of 42 Years

Lily TomlinAfter 42 years, Lily Tomlin has finally married her partner, Jane Wagner. The pair are 74 and 78 years old respectively, but it definitely shows that age doesn’t matter.

Their ceremony was simple and private, and took place on New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles. They met and started a relationship during the 1970s, when their relationship was frowned upon. However, it never stopped them and they continued to follow their hearts.

Tomlin and Wagner met when Tomlin was looking for a collaborator. She needed someone to help develop her character of Edith Ann, a wicked child. The two joined forces for Laugh-In, a sketch comedy show that helped them rise to fame. Tomlin then went on to enjoy an impressive film career, but never let go of her partnership with Wagner, professionally and personally. One of her major successes was her Oscar nomination for her role in Nashville, directed by Robert Altman, in 1975.

The pair shared Emmy Awards for their sketches and shows together in 1974, 1976 and a third five years later.

Tomlin hinted that the pair were getting married just after the summer in 2013. It came after the Supreme Court made a ruling that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. It meant that states would have to give same-sex married couples the same right as heterosexual married couples when it came to health, Social Security and all other benefits. It took just six months after that ruling for Tomlin to marry her partner of 42 years.

The 74-year-old did state that marriage was not a necessity. To some it is just a piece of paper, but Tomlin explained that others who married felt “very, very happy about it.”

The couple never considered same-sex marriage being a possibility in their lifetime. Tomlin told E! Online that it was “pretty remarkable.”

The couple clicked right away when they met in 1971. They had similar feelings about other people and enjoyed each other’s company. It was the perfect match for both.

Tomlin explained in an interview back in 2006 that she loves Wagner for her empathy and ability to make her laugh.

The details of their private wedding have not been released. When hinting about marriage in August 2013, Tomlin did joke about wearing chicken suits. She explained that there would be no wedding gowns or rings. The idea was obviously to keep it simple and just about them. Tomlin has refused to release a statement about her marriage, and is not going to be making one.

They have collaborated on various shows, where Tomlin has starred and Wagner has written. Just two of those include The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life and The Incredible Shrinking Woman. The first was a one-woman show starring Tomlin and the second was a movie. Back in 1988, Tomlin explained how much in awe she was with Wagner’s beautiful written words.

If it were not for the Supreme Court ruling, the New Year’s Eve wedding would not have been possible. They never expected it to happen, but Tomlin and her partner of 42 years, Wagner, have finally been able to marry.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Hollywood Reporter

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