Manny Pacquiao Gets His Rematch

Manny Pacquiao


It looks like Manny Pacquiao will get his long-awaited rematch with the undefeated Timothy Bradley. The fight is set to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 12. They will start their promotional tour February 4, and then make their long trip across the United States to New York the following day. Timothy Bradley narrowly defeated Pacquiao by split decision back in June of 2012; stripping Manny of the WBO Welterweight Championship.

The last fight between the two was not exactly viewed as the most entertaining fight. Pacquiao spent the whole night in the ring chasing down Bradley, and Bradley quite frankly just ran away from confrontation the entire fight. Since then, Manny has gone one in one in has last two fights. He lost by knockout to his long-time rival Juan Manuel Marquez, and defeated Brandion Rios by decision. Bradley has on gone on to win two fights since the bout with Pacquiao, both by decisions.

The final decision that came forth from their recent fight was widely criticized by many viewers and experts alike. They all thought Pacquiao was the more aggressive boxer and should have won the decision. Pacquiao believed that he had done enough to win the fight, and had no idea what happened. Saying Timothy Bradley spent most of the night punching his arms. The decision itself ended Manny’s reign, as he had not lost a fight in seven years until Bradley halted the streak.

Pacquiao now seeks revenge for his loss in this rematch, and to continue to pursue the fight that he and boxing fans around the world have been hoping for. Pacquiao hopes to get a big-money fight with Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Arguably two of the biggest box office hits in boxing, all boxing fans have been calling for that fight for years. The fight between the two would have been just a matter of time until Manny lost to Bradley. Floyd did not see him as a boxer worthy of a fight with him after that loss. Mayweather has continuously accused the Filipino veteran of wanting this fight for personal gain and needing Floyd’s name to make money.

Manny Pacquiao is a huge pay per-per-draw in his own right, making some of Mayweather’s allegations somewhat untrue. The Brandon Rios versus Manny Pacquiao fight drew a box office number of 475,000 pay-per-view buys, once again proving that no matter who he fights, he can still draw viewers to his fights. Timothy Bradley has a style less appealing to the audience, and may affect how the buys may turn out. Either way, Pacquiao’s camp sees this as a road to redemption of sorts, trying to win back the WBO Welterweight belt that many see as rightfully his. He is hopeful that the win makes his stock more appealing to Floyd Mayweather, and will lead him to set up the bout everyone has been anticipating. Fans around the world are hopeful that one day all their verbal barbs and jabs towards one another will lead to the fight they all want to see. First, however, comes the first step. On April 12, the fight everyone is guaranteed to watch will be at the MGM Grand Arena , with Manny Pacquiao getting his rematch against Timothy Bradley.


by Justin Huffman

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