Mia and Ronan Farrow Deride Salute to Woody Allen

mia and ronan farrow

While Diane Keaton crooned her way through a salute to Woody Allen at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, one of the most prolific Hollywood figures over the last five decades, Mia and Ronan Farrow turned the channel and derided the salute to Woody Allen on Twitter.  Allen had been involved in a decades-long relationship with Mia Farrow until his affair with adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn became known and exploded into one of the most hotly discussed water cooler topics.

During the custody battle that ensued over the couple’s three biological children, accusations leaked that Allen allegedly molested Dylan Farrow, who was seven at the time.  Allen had never been formally prosecuted on the matter in order to spare the young Dylan the trauma of testifying.  It’s something Dylan, now in her late 20s, regrets.  She told Vanity Fair in an October 2013 interview that she would have told her younger self to testify and to be brave.

While there is no question about Allen’s talents as a triple threat – producer, writer and director – both Mia and Ronan Farrow hit Twitter within seconds of the tribute to Allen beginning.  Mia tweeted that she was going to change the channel to see what episode of Girls was playing while Ronan, a very active presence on Twitter, was considerably more vocal.

“Missed the Woody Allen tribute,” he said, “did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after Annie Hall?”

Ronan, 25, is of course referring to the sexual assault allegations that were leveled at his father decades earlier.  While Mia Farrow took a joking approach to the salute, simply commenting that she was going to grab some ice cream and change the channel, her son was more derisive about the salute to Woody Allen.

While Allen has adamantly denied the sexual abuse allegations Dylan and Mia leveled against him 20+ years ago, the director has also come under fire for marrying his adopted daughter in 1997.  While Soon-Yi would have been only 25, it was believed the relationship had carried on for several years previous.  That too has resulted in sarcastic tweets from Ronan Farrow as he has commented before that Father’s Day is referred to in his house as “brother-in-law’s day.”

In the same October 2013 article where Dylan, who now goes by a different name, confirmed the molestation, Mia Farrow has suggested that Ronan could possibly have been fathered by Frank Sinatra.  She was married to the famous singer from 1966 to 1968 and while they were divorced while she was involved Allen, she says the relationship had never really ended.

What’s clear is that Mia and Ronan despise the famous director.  Mia continues to stir up controversy as far as her past with Allen is concerned, and it’s possible Ronan’s comments about his famous – and famously estranged – father could very well land him in hot water with MSNBC.com, who is still smarting over the departures of Alec Baldwin and Martin Bashir over fiery comments they have each made.  While Farrow 25, has not been given a time slot for the new show, producers at the network call the show a “game changer.”  This was however, prior to Sunday’s Golden Globe telecast and no comment has been made from MSNBC.c0m as yet regarding Farrow’s comments.

Mia and Ronan Farrow’s comments deriding the salute to Woody Allen have brought the controversy surrounding the famous director back to the forefront, and while the famously publicity-shy Allen was a no-show at the awards presentation Sunday, he continues to generate interest.

By Christina St-Jean

New York Post
Vanity Fair

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